Wedding of Steven and Yenping 10, September, 2011

Attended wedding of a couple: Steven and Yenping.
It was a lovely one.
Actually, all wedding celebration is lovely.
Wonder when my turn will come.
Of course, I need to save up more, at least 50K, according to my god-sister.


Lovely people who came and celebrated with them.


He was too tired, though Smile with tongue out


The man of the day!

Pastor Kenneth shared a word about love:
1.) Love has to be expressed via kind words and action. Some practical advice proposed by the audience:
– Wash his smelly shocks.
– Shop with her even though you may not like.
– Wash dishes.
– Eat more supper with him.
– Hugs, kisses, birthday, wedding anniversary.
2.) Love is a decision. We choose to love even though we feel hatred.
3.) God is love. When the lovey dovey feeling dries up, we lean on God.

There are some videos of the event on my FB available only to KS Zone people.
Then… meal time!!



My breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!


Took photo with Pastor Yock Kiang.


Conclusion of the event Smile

Hmm, when should I get married??


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