Pastor Kong’s Sermon 17, September, 2011

Learn from the animals. Don’t lose behind them.
These are all small and feeble animals, yet they teach us about wisdom.

Ants teach us preparation. In the time of summer, think of winter.
Always prepare for future.
In term of spirituality, we need to prepare everything necessary for eternity.
Lord Jesus is coming soon, btw.

Rock badgers.
They teach us habitation. They are slow, small and extremely vulnerable.
Yet, they protect themselves by choosing the safest home: in the midst of rocks.
Similarly, we make God our dwelling place.
We lean on the Lord, not on ourselves.

Alone they are defeated. Together, they are like an army of God, according to Prophet Joel.
They teach us unification.
Stand united in God’s house, together with His people, ok?

Spiders have made up their mind to be found in kings’ palaces.
Have we ourselves made up our mind also to be found with the Prime Minister, for instance?
They teach us determination.
The word for spiders can also mean geckoes.
Geckoes stick to the wall, reluctant to let go of its holding.
Do we keep holding on God’s promises to us?

Interesting sermon, isn’t it?
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