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CG Meeting 29, September, 2011

Notes for CG meeting yesterday.

Nehemiah 3.
Old Gates = truth that has stood the time. Pro 3:10.
From the old, we can build the new.

1.) Prayer.

2.) Relationship.

3.) Discipleship.

4.) Ministry.

5.) Evangelism (people need the LORD). Every service is full with people.

Sheep Gates: pastoral ministry. Loving God and people. Relationship is not built by chance.
Discipleship. Only disciples are qualified to be Christians. You and I need discipler so we can grow. Importance of discipleship:

– We can be inspired. Even the apostles were inspired to pray like Lord Jesus.
– We can be trained. Disciples learn discipline in the work of Christ
– We can be encouraged. Sometimes we feel discouraged and like giving up.
– We can be admonished. We need some correction, adjustment and some rebuke.
– We can be accountable. Without the disciplers, we can’t grow mature in God. I need to always appreciate them.
What are the ingredients to build relationship? It takes a lifetime to build relationship.

Who is discipling me? Who is encouraging me when I am down? Who can I be accountable to?

Afterwards, we had CG refreshment Smile


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