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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, November, 2011: Building for LIFE

It was pledging weekend for us.
So, Pastor Kong mentioned once again the true objective of building fund: to build LIFE, which is essentially the core values of CHC.

L = Love. We are to love God and people. In view of loving people, we need to balance between out-reach to the lost and in-reach to fellow Christians.
I = Intercession. Church is the house of prayer. Prayer opens up a channel for God’s power to come.
F = Family. We take care of the young and elderly. CHC is my home indeed.
E = Eternity. From CHC, many other churches are built, making eternal value in God’s purpose. E = Encounter. We encounter God in every service and CG meeting. We can feel God.

Pastor Kong then preached from the life of Israelites.
They were willing to give to the LORD.
It was so much until Moses had to refrain them from giving.

I have restructured my budget so I can give to building fund.
I am waiting for my miracle to come to pass.

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Praying at Bedok Reservoir

Last Saturday, some religious leaders prayed at Bedok reservoir.
This is due plenty death cases in that place.
Just in case the place is “haunted”.
I did not know what they were praying about.
Also, I will not comment about other religions.
I will just state my opinion from Christian point of view.

I am just thinking of what the Bible says of the dead.
In my opinion, we do not need to pray for the dead.
The dead have no “link” with the living. Once they pass away, they pass away for good.
There is no need for us to pray for them or to bless the area since their spirits have gone immediately to either Hades or “Abraham’s bosom” (cf story of poor Lazarus).
If an area is haunted, it is haunted by demons, not by ghosts of the dead. The demons may pretend to appear like the ghosts of the dead.

Btw, since this is from online version, I do not know if there was a Christian pastor there.
Having said this, my house in Indonesia is located just side by side with a cemetery.
My family’s backyard is a graveyard.

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