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Pastor Kong’s Sermon: Book of Nehemiah Disc 6

Neh 4 and 6

It was a difficult task for Nehemiah to rebuild the walls.
The Jews were feeble and there were enemies all around.

The devil attacked with same pattern to attack us: first, mockery and ridicule to discourage and dishearten us.

Nehemiah countered mockery with prayer.
He and his people ignored the enemies’ mockery.

The people had to close the gaps of the walls. Otherwise, the enemy could constantly attack.
Are there gaps in our life, an area where we fall again and again?
We need to work at them so we can strengthen our defense against the devil.

Second attack of the devil: vigilant attack through fear.

Nehemiah countered by erecting towers.
I need to be sober and vigilant, keep praying.
Nehemiah prepared weapons of war.
We need to make ready spiritual weapons against the devil

Another problem: the people became tired. There were plenty rubbish.
Rubbish speaks of the sinful nature in me. The number one problem of mine is me myself.

The trumpet was used to gather people in case the enemy came and attacked.
There should be unity against the devil’s attack. We need to help one another.

The third type of attack: deceit.
The enemy wanted to meet Nehemiah at the plain of Ono, place of cunning.

Nehemiah chose not to compromise with the enemy.
Half truth is really a lie. Compromise = trying to serve without offending the devil.

The fourth attack: slander.
The devil is an accuser, after all. Slander = character assassination.

The fifth attack: false prophecy.
Nehemiah did not believe that quickly. We need to test every prophecy.

All in all, we need to lift up everything into God’s hands.
God is going to strengthen us.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon: Book of Nehemiah Disc 5

Neh 12:27-29, 31-40

The gates had been rebuilt. Then, they wanted to dedicate the walls.
They called the Levites, who are the experts in praise and worship.
God dwells in the praises of His people.
Church should be full of thanksgiving.

The Levites purified themselves.
God wants His church to be holy: starting from the leaders to the common people.

Nehemiah split the people into two groups; one group went to the east and the other went to the west.
To come into God’s house, they started at Valley Gate.
We come to the LORD with broken spirit and contrite heart, in humility.

Then one company moved to Dung Gate, the other went o Tower of Oven.
Oven speaks of fiery trials of life to purge us from sinful nature.

One company went to Fountain Gate, the other to Broad Wall and Ephraim Gate.
Fountain speaks of strength of the Spirit. Broad wall was initially very thin, but Hezekiah built it. Then, it became the strongest wall. Ephraim was the strongest tribe in Israel.
The Holy Spirit empowers us.

Then one went to Water Gate, the other to Old Gate
Ezra shared the law of God with them.
It was also during the Feast of Tabernacle. They built tents there.
We are just pilgrims in this world. While we walk in pilgrimage, we need to go back to original understanding of God’s Word.

One company went to Horse Gate, the other went to Fish Gate.
Ministry comes later after all repentance and purification.

Nehemiah conducted a registration of the people. Some people were put out because they could not prove their genealogies.
Just because of our name is written in the Book of Life, it does not mean our name cannot be blotted out.
We are not “once saved, always saved.”
The priesthood registry is assisted with Urim and Thummim, both represent God’s will.
We have Urim and Thummim, the Holy Spirit in us, who bears witness whether we belong to God or not.

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