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Vacation Time

Sorry no many things to post here.
I am in hometown and it is pretty difficult to get internet connection here.

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Sermon Review XV Sermon on the Mount CD9 Marketplace Evangelism


World = kosmos = social order/arrangement.
It does not refer to physical territory.
Marketplace consists of business, education, government, arts and media.

Every time we change the marketplace, we change the nation.
Guatemala and Armenia have plenty Christians in the society. Yet, they are weak and poor. It could be that the churches are not impacting the marketplace.
Influence of Christians should go beyond the four walls of the church.
Church should engage the city halls, bringing the kingdom of God in their midst.

When Lord Jesus still walked on earth, He was more like a builder than carpenter.
He was a skillful craftsmen. He was not professional preacher or rabbi to begin with.
Hence, the society did not believe Him in the beginning.
He used a lot of marketplace terms in His teaching, unlike the rabbi in that period. 50% of all His parables have to do with money.
He even did most of the miracles in the marketplace.
In fact, other apostles and disciples were marketplace people.

Acts 18-19
Apostle Paul preached to the Gentiles. Justus, a businessman in marketplace, received Paul.
As a result, church in Corinth started.
However, the persecution began too. Very often persecution comes from fellow Christians.
Yet, Apostle Paul was supported by marketplace disciples.
In Ephesus, Apostle Paul reached out to the marketplace disciples in the school of Tyrannus as the religious establishment rejected him.
Eventually, when the persecution came, the leaders of the marketplace protected him.

Why did they like Apostle Paul so much?
Because he was an asset to the society. Such is the role of salt and light in the world.
Acts 20:33 Apostle Paul was a businessman blessing others. He was self reliant.
Just like Apostle Paul, it is possible to excel in both business and ministry.

God wants us to excel, to become wealthy to feed ourselves and feed others.

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Sermon Review XIV Sermon on the Mount CD 8 Salt and Light


If my attitude is bad, God can only do a little in my life.
If my attitude is good, God can take me far.

We are called to become salt and light; it represents our attitude toward good in the world.
When my attitude is right, I can lift up the name of Jesus Lord in the world. Why are we liken to salt?

1.) Salt preserves. We need to preserve the society from decay.
2.) Salt purifies. We should make society cleaner and purer.
3.) Salt heals. We need to bring to the sick.
4.) Salt flavors. We should be colorful and make class/office more exciting.
5.) Salt melts ice. We need to bring the warmth of God’s love.
6.) Salt gives energy. We are energetic and optimistic through God.
7.) Salt creates thirst. We create hunger and thirst for the things of God.

As salt, we need to actively engage and penetrate the society.
We need to retain the saltiness.
NaCl will lose saltiness due to impurity. Hence, we need to retain Beatitude. We should not compromise God’s moral value.

Why are we like to light?

1.) Light illuminates.
2.) Light promotes life.
3.) Light awakens us from sleep.
4.) Light provides vision.
5.) Light is persistent.
6.) Light attracts.
7.) Light solves problems. We are solution makers.

We are to show God’s glory to the world through what He is doing in us. How do we influence the world?

1.) As prophets, we reveal talents God has deposited in us. God wants us to be creative.
2.) As priests, we serve mankind. We elevate their self esteem, we enhance the quality of life.
3.) As kings, we need to bring the kingdom of God into the world. We are to lead in the respective field God has called us into.

Jeremiah 29.
God wanted His people to flourish in the midst of idolatrous nation. They became salt and light to the pagan world.
They built relationship with the worldly society. The world trusted them enough and made them leaders.

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Sermon Review XIII Sermon on the Mount CD 7 Peace and Persecution


“Blessed” does not necessarily mean “Happy” only. It means there is approval from God.
It is indeed very difficult to be happy especially when we are persecuted.

God approves the peacemakers.
We are not to seek after conflict.
Peace does not mean weakness. Peace is a powerful weapon of God. When there is peace of God, demon’s power is dismantled.
Peace is not just hiding the conflict and grudge under the carpet.
Peace is about bringing heaven on earth too.

Peacemaker is based on reality.
We should still walk in truth. We do not achieve “peace” at any cost. We should still acknowledge the situation.
By making peace, we indicate we are spiritually mature sons of God.

Even when it seems there is no hope of reconciliation, we are to bring God’s peace into the situation.

Persecution surely comes. It will come. It is “Blessed are you”.
Persecution is there to test our faith. Reigning with Christ requires endurance in times of persecution.
All apostles endured persecution. Apostle Paul wanted to have fellowship in the sufferings of Christ.
Christ Jesus experienced many sufferings e.g. separation from friends, false accusation, cost of obedience.

In order to last through persecution, we need to continually deny ourselves.
We do not long for man’s approval, we stand for the truth.
What should we do when we are persecuted?
1.) Do not retaliate.
2.) Do not be resentful.
3.) Do not spiral down into depression.
4.) Do not rejoice of persecutors as they are under Satan’s control.
5.) Learn to rejoice in the LORD.

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