Sermon Review XIV Sermon on the Mount CD 8 Salt and Light


If my attitude is bad, God can only do a little in my life.
If my attitude is good, God can take me far.

We are called to become salt and light; it represents our attitude toward good in the world.
When my attitude is right, I can lift up the name of Jesus Lord in the world. Why are we liken to salt?

1.) Salt preserves. We need to preserve the society from decay.
2.) Salt purifies. We should make society cleaner and purer.
3.) Salt heals. We need to bring to the sick.
4.) Salt flavors. We should be colorful and make class/office more exciting.
5.) Salt melts ice. We need to bring the warmth of God’s love.
6.) Salt gives energy. We are energetic and optimistic through God.
7.) Salt creates thirst. We create hunger and thirst for the things of God.

As salt, we need to actively engage and penetrate the society.
We need to retain the saltiness.
NaCl will lose saltiness due to impurity. Hence, we need to retain Beatitude. We should not compromise God’s moral value.

Why are we like to light?

1.) Light illuminates.
2.) Light promotes life.
3.) Light awakens us from sleep.
4.) Light provides vision.
5.) Light is persistent.
6.) Light attracts.
7.) Light solves problems. We are solution makers.

We are to show God’s glory to the world through what He is doing in us. How do we influence the world?

1.) As prophets, we reveal talents God has deposited in us. God wants us to be creative.
2.) As priests, we serve mankind. We elevate their self esteem, we enhance the quality of life.
3.) As kings, we need to bring the kingdom of God into the world. We are to lead in the respective field God has called us into.

Jeremiah 29.
God wanted His people to flourish in the midst of idolatrous nation. They became salt and light to the pagan world.
They built relationship with the worldly society. The world trusted them enough and made them leaders.

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