Sermon XVI Sermon on the Mount CD 10 Marketplace Christian

There is paradigm shift among the Christians: how we should view our career and business.
It is about Cultural Mandate: creatively releasing talents God has deposited for His glory.
All the heroes of faith were called while they were working in the marketplace.

Luke 18:35, Luke 19:1-10
Bartimeus was very specific in his prayer to Lord Jesus.
God wants me to articulate my need.
When Lord Jesus healed Bartimeus, people were excited.
When Lord Jesus wanted to eat with Zacchaeus, people were upset.
Lord Jesus wanted to have just dinner with him, not to preach at him. Relationship precedes ministry.
Before we can speak to anyone’s life, we need to earn their trust. Here are the steps to minister to the lost.
1.) Blessing.
2.) Fellowship.
3.) Meet needs.
4.) Preach.

My whole life is a gospel message.
Both the poor and the rich need salvation.
House = oikos = ekonomi. Salvation comes not only to his soul, but also to his business.
God is interested to save businesses.
Lord Jesus came to save which was lost in the Garden of Eden: our relationship with God and each other and the marketplace.

Adam was entrusted to take care of the garden.
We, too, are entrusted to take care of the marketplace.
In fact, God expects me to excel in my career.

There are 5 valuable lessons from the parable of the minas:
1.) God expects me to excel in our career and prosper in our business.
2.) Lord Jesus is expecting measurable progress in reasonable time.
3.) The degree I excel in marketplace is the degree of my influence and authority. We generate profit, growth and have integrity.
4.) The authority over city is earned, not mandated.
5.) Influence and respect come from servanthood. As I work, I am serving God.

Eph 4:11-12
Every church member is a minister of the work of God in the marketplace.
Whenever I am serving people, I am serving God.
A job can be a ministry when I can see God’s leading in my job.

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