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Photo of the Day: Birthday Present

A birthday present for my god-sister.


Tuesday, please come quickly!

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Is Your God Big or Small?

A story which I first read in my hometown church many years ago.

An atheistic philosopher met a simple peasant one day.
He knew this peasant was a devout Christian.
Knowing the peasant was uneducated, he was trying to confuse his faith.

“Is your God big or small?” this philosopher asked.
”My God is so big that the universe can’t contain Him and yet so small that He can live inside my heart,” the peasant answered.

This philosopher was amazed.

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FB Status

Why TG?
Because Saturday service is coming.

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Thought on Humility

By nature, Lord Jesus is God Himself.
Yet, He chose to submit under the guidance of Joseph and Mary, His earthly parents.
The “high class” chose to submit under “the low class”.
Such is humility.

Sometimes, it is easier to listen to people above us.
They are of “higher class”, after all.
Sometimes, it is more difficult to listen to people under us.
They are of “lower class”, after all.
Yet, humility is tested when we are willing to listen to everyone regardless of their status.
We might think we are professional enough and we do not need to listen under us.
Yet, advice is still an advice regardless of the source.

So, let’s be humble, shall we?

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Joke of the Day

A certain man runs a mama shop together with his wife, son, and daughter.
Since the shop is not big, each of the family member takes turn to keep the shop and serve the customers. They do not hire anyone else.
One day, this man is so sick and is about to die.
With his dying breath, he calls his family one by one.

”Dear, are you here?”. “Yes, I am here, dear,” the wife answered.
”My son, are you here?” “Yes, Dad,” the son replied.
”My daughter, are you here as well?”. “Yes, Pa,” the daughter said.

All of sudden, he scolded his family.
”Stupid you all!! Who is in charge of the shop today??!!”

Immediately, he passes away.

(Mama shop:

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Photo of the Day: Relentless


Given by Audrey jie.
Thanks a lot, jie!

I shall read it when I am free.

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Akatsuki Cloak

Long time ago, I posted about Fourth Hokage coat.
I found this website which sells Akatsuki cloak


Akatsuki cloak

It’s about 25 bucks, pretty cheap.
Hmm, when should I buy it?
I still have to consider Arise and Build session first, though.

Anyway, when I wear this for bookstore duty, my friend has agreed to wear a color wig.
Looking forward to that day!

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No Good to be Alone

The LORD God says: It is not good for a man to be alone.
Substitute “man” with “Jefri”. You will get:
It is not good for Jefri to be alone.

It is no good for me to be alone.
The LORD will make me a helper comparable to me.
(Sometimes I wonder why the LORD won’t remove one rib of mine then create my very own Eve overnight.)

So exciting!

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Picture of the Day: Ginger Cookie


Audrey’s students made this in school in order to create a new record in Singapore: the longest chain of ginger cookie.
She shared with us during CG yesterday.
Thanks a lot, Audrey!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon: Book of Nehemiah Disc 6

Neh 4 and 6

It was a difficult task for Nehemiah to rebuild the walls.
The Jews were feeble and there were enemies all around.

The devil attacked with same pattern to attack us: first, mockery and ridicule to discourage and dishearten us.

Nehemiah countered mockery with prayer.
He and his people ignored the enemies’ mockery.

The people had to close the gaps of the walls. Otherwise, the enemy could constantly attack.
Are there gaps in our life, an area where we fall again and again?
We need to work at them so we can strengthen our defense against the devil.

Second attack of the devil: vigilant attack through fear.

Nehemiah countered by erecting towers.
I need to be sober and vigilant, keep praying.
Nehemiah prepared weapons of war.
We need to make ready spiritual weapons against the devil

Another problem: the people became tired. There were plenty rubbish.
Rubbish speaks of the sinful nature in me. The number one problem of mine is me myself.

The trumpet was used to gather people in case the enemy came and attacked.
There should be unity against the devil’s attack. We need to help one another.

The third type of attack: deceit.
The enemy wanted to meet Nehemiah at the plain of Ono, place of cunning.

Nehemiah chose not to compromise with the enemy.
Half truth is really a lie. Compromise = trying to serve without offending the devil.

The fourth attack: slander.
The devil is an accuser, after all. Slander = character assassination.

The fifth attack: false prophecy.
Nehemiah did not believe that quickly. We need to test every prophecy.

All in all, we need to lift up everything into God’s hands.
God is going to strengthen us.

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