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Sermon Review XVII Sermon on the Mount CD 11 Salting Humanity


The earth is always a picture of humanity.
When God created the universe, He simply spoke the word.
However, God personally got His finger dirty when He made man out of the ground.

Genesis 1:26-28
Image: we are of similar nature of God. God does not look like animals, we are of photographic image of God.
Likeness: similar in personality with God. God likes to reason, communicate, and create. So do we. Animals can only do things in order to survive, but they are never progressive.
God created us to have dominion: we like to become positive influence.

Genesis 2:7
We are very different from animals. We have souls, unlike animals.
Human souls: mind (reason, conceptualize), will (choose, decide), emotion (feel, desire).
God has feeling, reason and makes decision too. Hence, we can relate to God.
God did not come to redeem fallen angels or animals. God only came to redeem humans.

Lord Jesus, God Himself, came in the appearance of man, not of angels.
He referred Himself as Son of Man.
Even now in heaven Lord Jesus takes the form of man.
To be a human is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Angels are ministers to the Christians.

Every human soul must be satisfied with 7 things:
1.) Spirituality. There is an emptiness in our life only God can fill. Hence, we need to pray.
2.) Love. It is not good to be lonely. We love God and others.
3.) Self esteem. Low self esteem causes suicide.
4.) Knowledge. Reading more makes us stay sharp.
5.) Security. Without it, there is hollow in our soul. Financial security is important.
6.) Freedom. Without freedom to pursue destiny, we may not get excited about life.
7.) Ecstatic. Life is not black and white. God is the God of beauty and creativity.

We are the salt of the earth.
We enhance the humanity.
We energize the society.
We add color to life.

Ezekiel 1
Ezekiel was in Babylon. He was inside the worldly society.
Yet, God’s anointing came to him.
4 faces of the angels:
a.) Lion: authority. Right side.
b.) Ox: servanthood. Left side.
c.) Eagle: spirituality. Back side
d.) Man: God wants me to show redeemed humanity to the world. Front side. This is the face we show to the world.

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