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Sermon Review XVIII Sermon on the Mount CD 12 Releasing the Glory in You


Mark 9:2-4
By this time, Peter already had had a revelation that Lord Jesus was the Messiah.
Furthermore, with this transfiguration, Peter had no more doubt that Jesus is really the Son of God.
Lord Jesus was showing His glory.

Glory has to do with 3 things:
1.) Light. Brilliance. Lord Jesus revealed His splendor.
2.) Honor. Good reputation. God deserves all the respect.
3.) Full weight. Value. Incomparability. God is more precious than gold.

God is full of glory and He has clothed His creation with certain glory too.
The universe declares the glory of God. We are filled in awe whenever we see it.
The earth and the kingdoms have glory from God.
We carry certain glory but it can leave us too.

The purpose of creation is to show forth His glory in us.
We are to boast of the LORD.

Matt 5:14-16, Ps 8:3-5
God has given man and woman His glory.
We are the ultimate display of it as God has made us a little lower than He Himself.
We are to be of value wherever we are.
We need to increase from value to value, from glory to glory.

How do we transform from glory to glory?
By believing and acting on God’s Word.

God’s glory is meant to be displayed for all to see.
All people should have the knowledge of God’s glory through us.
What glory is it? The talents, gifts, and abilities God has deposited in us.
God has made us in charge of all His beautiful creation.
By unleashing the abilities in us, we influence the world and we shining for God.

Glory is displayed through hard work.
Adam was put in charge to tend the garden. Whenever we find job, we find paradise.
When there is no job, the society degrades.
God loves to work and He hates idleness.

There is no shortcut to success.
God is the God of miracle indeed. Yet, it does not mean we are lazy.
Only dead people do not work.

Eph 3:20, John 17:4
We are to shine so brightly that our legacy endures from generation to generation.
We shine forth His glory by finishing the work He has given us to do.

John 2:1-11
Sometimes when God wants to show forth His glory, God allows certain thing to run out.
In times of trouble, God has assigned us to become problem solvers. Glory is reserved for overcomer.

John 12:23, 27-28
Our life goal is to pursue this moment of glory.
We keep going forward to achieve what God has created us to do.

There is no secret or hidden glory.
We are crowned with glory. There is no secret crown.
Every talent is meant to display in public.
However, when our talents become obvious, people will start criticizing us. This is because our brilliance exposes others’ darkness.
We should rise above the mediocrity. We set our goals high.

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