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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 31, December, 2011: Church Introductory Class


Last sermon last year at the very last day!
Hmm, since I do not want to violate any copyright, I will just write a part of it.
I want to support church bookstore, that is.

This sermon is intended for new comers. Here we explain them some fact about CHC and some basic teaching in Christianity.
There are seven great works Lord Jesus has done on the cross. Great exchange, if you like. They are:
1.) He took away our sin and offered to us forgiveness.
2.) He took away rejection and offered to us acceptance.
3.) He removed sickness and replaced it with healing.
4.) He took our curse and exchanged it with His blessing.
5.) He became poor so we could prosper.
6.) He died so we could live eternally with Him.
7.) And most importantly, the cross took away our sinful nature and offered to us righteous nature.

The following is not under the teaching. Just my own thought.
Our being is actually corrupted with the seed of sin. Sin is more than just about deed. It is also about nature within us.
Hence, we do not need to be taught how to sin. We will learn it automatically.
God loves us, He does not want to condemn us. Yet, He is just and holy, He has to judge us.
What is the solution? Lord Jesus’ sacrifice. In Him, God’s holiness and mercy are fulfilled.
He has taken penalty due on us and exchanged it with His righteousness and blessing.

Thank God for the cross!

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