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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 7, January, 2011: Church Introductory Class (Part 2)


A very first sermon in this year.
Again, I shall not post all the answers for the sermon outline.
I will just focus on the reason why City Harvest Church exists.

1.) We want to celebrate God’s presence.
2.) We want to demonstrate God’s love.
3.) We want to communicate God’s Word.
4.) We want to incorporate God’s family.
5.) We want to empower God’s people.

With regard to reason number three, CHC members have the lifestyle of evangelism.
Why must CHC never stop growing?
1.) Because God loves people.
2.) Because God commands us to reach out.
3.) Because growth is God’s will.

Some may accuse CHC of just emphasizing the number of members.
Yet, they do not know the reason why CHC puts so much emphasis on numbers.
It’s because every single digit represents a soul for whom Lord Jesus died.
Also, Pastor Kong gave a very good analogy about numbers.

A father and his three kids go for a camping near a forest. The father stays at the tent while the kids go out to play inside the forest. After a long time, the father realizes the kids can’t find way back to the tent. So, the father goes to search his lost kids. He manages to find one of them. Then guess what?? He leaves the other two kids behind!
You may want to confront the father. Yet, he may answer you, “Numbers! Numbers! Always talk about numbers! If God wants to save my kids, God will somehow make them save themselves.”

Let’s keep reaching out to the lost, shall we?
God is not willing that any should perish in Christ-less eternity.

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Hillsong Kids Jr Crazy Noise


The foldable water bottle looks handy.
I shall listen to the CD soon.

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