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Book Review XII: Winning the Battle Within


Realistic steps to overcoming sexual strongholds

A book which is in line with From Good Man to Valiant Man and Every Man’s Battle.
Dr. Neil Anderson is the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries and he has authored a number of other books such as The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over Darkness.
In my opinion, he has a strong a passion of seeing the believers free from the yoke of the devil, the sinful nature and the world.

God’s original plan for sexuality is for sex to be holy and pleasurable and He only reserves sex for the married couple.
After all, sex is an expression of love and there must be no sex outside the marriage commitment to sustain love.
However, since the fall of Adam and Eve, the devil has managed to twist sex.
Nowadays we see a lot of pornography, premarital sex, homosexuality, fornication and adultery.

Very often, all this twisted sex becomes a mental stronghold.
Many people struggle with that and yet it does not seem they are able to break free from pornography or homosexuality or others.
What is the solution then? Lord Jesus has come to set us free.

Dr. Neil Anderson brings us through the book of Romans to explain the nature of this sexual stronghold.
All of us have sinful nature. Hence, we definitely struggle with different form of sin throughout the whole life.
There is no way we can win with our own ability.
Lord Jesus has overcome sin, the devil and death. He then offers His victory to us.
Do we want to accept it?

And finally, once we have accepted Him and His victory, we should offer this body as instrument of righteousness, a sacrifice to God.
We need to constantly renew our mind: we choose the believe in His truth and not in Satan’s lies.

Lastly, Dr. Neil Anderson offers real and practical steps and the end of this book to anyone who want to overcome sexual strongholds.
These steps can be done individually or in a group.

An example of a quote from this book with regard to extra marital sex:
“Christian marriage, however, is a commitment to stay faithful’til death do us apart’. Once you are married, all comparisons must end.”

An example of a quote from this book with regard to pornography:
”We are to abstain from sexual fantasy.. (because).. the seeds of adultery are shown in the heart.. sexual immorality in the mind precipitates a sexually immoral act.. sexual fantasy depersonalizes people and devalues sex.”

An example of a quote from this book with regard to homosexuality:
“God did not create anyone to be homosexual. He created us male and female. Homosexuality is a lie.”

In my opinion, this is a very good book, a must read.
Read it and be excited to experience freedom God has prepared for you.
You can also see his video here:

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