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Sermon Review XXI: 1 Samuel (Part 3)

In the first part, Pastor Kong preached about Eli. In the second part, about Saul.
In this third part, it is about David.

Saul’s life represents walk in flesh, David’s life walk in spirit.
Fleshly nature should decrease, God’s nature in use should increase.
Saul was handsome and tall, yet he lost his kingship. God does not see Saul’s appearance. He looks at his heart.

Three qualities essential for kingship:

1.) Faithfulness. God wants us to be found faithful. It is not enough to be called, not enough to be chosen, it is important to be faithful.
– David was faithful to tend to his few sheep.
– David was faithful to care for the weak of the flock.
– David was faithful to protect them.
– David was full of faith as he was facing Goliath.

2.) Wisdom. It is essential for any king.
– David was so wise that Saul was afraid of him. He immersed himself in ancient proverbs.

3.) Righteousness. Any king needs righteousness  beside wisdom. Solomon was wise but lived un-righteously.
– David had a pure heart and moved in holiness. Purity is forged in difficulty.
– Hardship is God’s way of preparing us for kingship.
– David’s heart broke when his wife to be was given to someone else.
– David was in the danger of murder in the hand of Saul.
– David had to escape from Saul’s intent of killing.
– Yet, in the midst of it all, David stayed persevering and kept trusting the LORD.

So, let’s be faithful, wise and enduring in the midst of trial just like David, shall we?

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