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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, January, 2012


Did not manage to attend the service last Saturday due to bookstore duty.
Did not manage to attend Sunday service too as I had to do experiment afterwards.
So, here is the snapshot of online sermon outline.

We went through the faith statement of the church.
Pastor Kong went through 17 of them quickly as he wanted to focus on the church strategy:
a.) For the kids, CHC strives to be a fun place, even better than McDonald.
b.) For the youths, CHC gives them opportunity to fully develop talents and CHC mentors them too.
c.) For the prime adults and mid adults, CHC works in small groups system, making it easy to be accountable and to deepen friendship and fellowship. CHC also provides workshops to enhance their life skills.
d.) For the seniors, CHC is the place of care and acceptance.

Did you miss the sermon?
Fear not, the online service is just a click away:

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