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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 21, January, 2012

A sermon last Saturday to welcome Chinese New Year.
For that occasion, Pastor Kong preached about loving family.

What is family? Simply speaking, it is “Father And Mother, I Love You”.
The LORD clearly instructs us to honor our parents. If we do not do so, our kids will not honor us. Sowing is reaping, after all.
As we embrace the new year season and enjoy reunion meal, what should we do to show our love?

F = Forgiveness. Real forgiveness does not keep past record.
A = Affection. Physical expression of love is essential
M = Mindfulness. We do our best for the interest of others.
I = Integrity. People can depend on my words.
L = Loyalty. Be devoted to the welfare of family.
Y = Yieldedness. Flexibility even in the midst of argument.

A very good sermon.
Do listen to the online service if you miss it, ok?

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