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Sermon Review XXII: Becoming a Valiant Man


Sexual integrity in a sex crazy world.
Dr. Allan Meyer had several heart breaking encounters with a number of men of God.
Yet, in the midst of all ministry they were doing for God, one by one they fell away from the Lord as they gave in to temptation.
Hence, Dr. Meyer shared the importance of sexual discipleship for man.

Acts 15:28-29. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5
The apostles instructed the new believers to live in sexual integrity.
If we live in sexual immorality, we are not doing well and we are not obeying God’s will.

Males’ issue of sexual integrity is possibly more problematic than that of women. Some possible reasons for it:
1.) Male brain wiring. This in turn influences skills males are better at than females. When it comes to sex, males are optically stimulated. This sexual excitement is really difficult to handle.
2.) Testosterone engine. This hormone helps man develop muscles but at the same time it makes man more aggressive. Hence, every man needs a good role model. When it comes to sex, testosterone is the hormone of sexual libido. In God’s design, sex functions like a glue which holds the couple together. If it is used outside God’s design, it can act like a dynamite which blows the couple apart. Sexual drive in men is pretty much relentless.
3.) The influence of highly sexualized and eroticized environment. The influence of pornography is rampant in society. Even Christian man struggles with sexual integrity.

Based on statistics, men reach puberty age at younger age while they get married at even later age. This increases the period of “waiting”.
With increasing availability of pornography, men first encounter it at even younger age too.
The bad news is, the earlier men encounter, the greater the sexual distortion will be.

There are three areas in a sexual discipleship for men to handle:
1.) Fantasy.
2.) Pornography. Men who are frequently immersed in junk sex will not appreciate his own wife.
3.) Masturbation.

In conclusion:
1.) It is normal for a man to find managing his sexuality a challenge.
2.) Men need to deeply examine the status of sexuality and acknowledge distortion.
3.) It is possible for men to re-discover a sanctified sexuality.

The “Ewe Lamb” principle: A man’s duty is to protect a woman.

A very good sermon. You can purchase a copy in Attributes:

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