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Canon J. John’s Sermon 18, February, 2012

An Invitation You Would not Want to Turn Down.

It was my first time hearing a message from him.
You can see his biography here:
He delivered a message about the true meaning of Christianity.

What is Christianity? Basically, it is an invitation.
An invitation, in general, has three parts: who is it from? Who it is for? What is it about?

Who sent this invitation?
God through Lord Jesus Christ.

Who is it for?
It is for all of us.
It is really a royal invitation.
Sadly, not all of us will accept His invitation.

What is it about? Threefold invitation:
a.) Forgiveness from the past
—- Lord Jesus offers forgiveness for all our sins.
b.) New life in present life.
— We should put Lord Jesus first. In what way? He is first in our:
c.) Hope for future
— Our eternal destiny: to be with Him eternally.

A very interesting message.
As for me, I should always put God first in all those five areas.

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