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Loving Your VIP Enemies

Lord Jesus taught us to love our enemies.
Well, we may not have enemies as in enemies of war or in gang fight.
However, there are VIP people around whom we need to love too.
Who are these VIP?

Very Irritating
           Irresponsible Person

Maybe they speak, think, act, write and request/demand  like a tyrant.
However, Lord Jesus told us to love them.
He still loves those who crucified Him, after all.

Let wisdom from God guide us so we know how to respond to these VIP people.

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Group Photo


My research group photo.
2 on the left are post doc researchers.
3 on the right are PhD. students.
Supervisor is at the center.
You can see the group profile here:

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, March, 2012

Luke 15:11-32
Both sons were equally lost:
the younger son, who considered his father to be a hindrance to his fun and pleasure,
the older son, who considered his father to be a slave driver, someone hard to please.
Both had no true relationship with their father.

Lord Jesus, on the other hand, showed true relationship with God the Father.
He often prayed and withdrew to be alone with God.
He had only 3.5 years to finish all His assignment, yet never once He forgot to spend time with the Father.
”Abba, Daddy,” that’s how He prayed to God.

One of the five languages is quality time.
Nowadays, time is the most valuable commodity.
Money can be regained but time can never be regained.
Loving God means we spend time with God, breathing together with Him.

Are we willing to set aside some time to be alone with Him, our Heavenly Daddy?

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Keep Believing

A note to self:
Keep believing in the LORD.
Keep trying,
but most importantly,
Keep crying out to Him.

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Naruto Soundtracks

Some recording which are very effective in extinguishing sleepiness.

I feel power flowing into me.

Sudden surge of chakra!

Must think of solution.

Feeling blue? This soundtrack cries with you.

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Saturday’s Happening 24, March, 2012

Yup, another fruitful and cheerful Saturday.
This is what Sabbath is all about: spending time with God and His people.


Lunch at Olive Vine while discussing Physics with a tutee.


Some members were promoted to be MM and EM in church.


Dinner at Hong Kong Café with team A after a wonderful team duty which was full of laughter.


Beautiful people.
Stamina recharged.
Time to face the new week ahead.

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Sin Lies at The Door

“… sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”
-Genesis 4:7-

Our sinful nature lies at the door.
It has a desire to overtake us.
Yet, God says we should rule over it.

Sometimes the toughest battle is not battle against Satan.
Sometimes, it is the battle against ourselves, our sinful nature.
Yet, God says it is possible to rule over this nature.

Temptation creates a phantasm, an illusion that bad thing is sweet and harmless.
Yet, once the victim gives in, it leaves the victim guilty and miserable.
Be careful with temptation. Be very careful.
Let’s shut the door of opportunity so we won’t fall for it, shall we?

In the past, I imagined having this eye in order to fend of temptation.

Mangekyo Sharingan-3

Maybe I should use it again in the present??

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