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CHC Service + Dinner 28, April, 2012

A fantastic church service last Saturday.
It was to commemorate Cross Over project started 10 years ago.
In the next post I will post more on this project.
All I can say is thank God for it! Many souls have accepted Lord Jesus.


Some celebrities from Taiwan performed on the stage too.
Like what Pastor Abraham Ku says, Pastor Kong and Sun are the best example of Jesus Fashion.


Not forgetting dinner after the service at Millenia Walk.

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James’ and Josephine’s Wedding 28, April, 2012

My first opportunity to attend wedding party this year.
The second one will be held next week and the third one will be 2 weeks after the second.
So many couple are getting married. I wonder when my chance will come.


The venue was at Living Hope Methodist Church Singapore. Luckily I went there with Jorim since I am not familiar with Tampiness area.


The couple’s pre-wedding photos.


The joyous guests and friends.


The Ink Room members and the couple.
Congratulations, James and Josephine!
Am happy for you two!

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FOODDSS: CG Dinner 26, April, 2012 + Passion Fruit + Chocolate

Yup. Today’s photos are about foods.
When there is food, there is fellowship to enhance frienship.


Many many many food! I ate a lot too.
Well, later I will exercise to get rid of the unnecessary fat.
I need to build muscles too, after all.



It was my very first time eating passion fruit.
Would have eaten the skin too had my colleagues not told me. Smile with tongue out
Sour taste but more importantly.. it is healthy!
Thanks a lot, Wuguo!



Managed to leave lab earlier yesterday to help a friend.
She passed this to me as a token of appreciation.
Hmm, Sunday is coming when it will be difficult to find food. So, this chocolate will prove useful.
Thanks a lot, Cheryl!

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CBC493 Poster Presentation 25, April, 2012

A presentation for the juniors who did small project in their final year.
They earn 3 credits and this course is not graded.
Well, the school has changed the curriculum. In my time, it was graded.

250420123987 250420123988

The presenters and professors mingled around to discuss the projects.

250420123991 250420123992 250420123993

Me with the juniors.

250420123994 250420123995

Last but not least.. free refreshment! I finished the veggie and tomato. Healthy!

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Blessed are the Merciful

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”
-Matthew 5:7 (NIV)-

This is second time the Lord taught me about having mercy.
In my own paraphrase, the verse above also means:

Blessed are those who sow leniency, for they shall reap leniency.

I was appointed, unofficially, as the person in charge of a certain spectrometer in school.
It cost 400K. Since I used it frequently for my first project, I had to maintain too.
A couple of days back, another user wanted to use the instrument.
He saw something off with the laser alignment. He tried to fix it but to no avail.

He called me and I tried to fix it too.
However, I could not solve the problem.
I was so upset. Deep in me, I wanted to scold him upside down.
Yet, I remember I read somewhere: anger is the situation in which your word runs faster than your mind.
So, I just kept quiet and simply walked away.
Once I got calmer, I told myself that I would use his equipment too, after all.

Yesterday, I used another instrument. Quite an expensive one.
Initially it was fine. However, I accidentally broke one main part.
Guilty.. I really felt guilty.
I asked my friend to fix it. Thank God he did not express anger or anything.
I apologized to him and he was cool with that.

Today, the instrument I am in charge of has been fixed.
Everything seems fine now.
Thank God for such a great sowing and reaping session! Smile

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The Ink Room Duty 21, April, 2012

An exceptionally long duty.
The duty started at 2 pm and, for me, it ended at around 11 pm.
There was a worship night with ALM band after the church service. Hence, the bookstore extended its operating hours.


My lunch to prepare for the heavy duty.


Some food Mommy brought during the duty. Mommy’s baking is the best!


Some products display. We focused on ALM and Pastor Paul’s products.


It was a long day, so here was my dinner: Thunder Tea Rice!


The members queuing to purchase the highlighted products.


Not forgetting to take photos with friends too.

It was a tiring duty and yet fulfilling.
At least, I exercised! Winking smile

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Words I Confess Daily (Again)

220420123984 220420123985

Apparently the church distributed another bookmark “Words I Confess Daily”” again.
The previous color was red, now it is blue.
Confessing God’s word is important so as to remind us to agree with God’s promise and to keep faith strong.
Here is the list of the new words to confess:

I will be strong and do mighty exploits for God.
The Holy Spirit is my Comforter and Helper.
The anointing of the Holy Spirit breaks all bondage in my life.
Even my enemies are at peace with me right now.
God’s grace is made perfect in my weaknesses.
If God is for me, who can be against me?
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
My life is transformed as the Word of God renews my mind.
The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
I am planted in the house of God and I will flourish in His courts.
I am “blessed”-empowered to be successful in life.
I am the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath.
I am blessed in my coming in and blessed in my going out.
All things will work together for good because I love God.
I will prosper in all things and be in health, just as my soul prospers.
Surely goodness, mercy and unfailing love will follow me all the days of my life.

Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 22, April, 2012

Song of Solomon 2:10-13

A seasonal shift.
Pastor Paul felt God speaking through him to the church.
It was not a message he had planned to preach.
Apparently, God nudged him to announce a seasonal shift to the church.

Winter is past, the spring has begun.
It is time to change from winter garment to spring garment.
Furthermore, it is time to adopt spring work lifestyle.
Winter is not the season to work, so to speak. Spring is the season to do so so there will be food during harvest time.

Just like God told Pastor Paul, “Just be available,” Pastor Paul encouraged the members to be available to God too.
Maybe God will divinely interrupt our plan and show us what He wants us to do for that particular moment.
Let’s work hard in the marketplace and be available whenever God wants to “disturb” us.

In the end of the service, Pastor Paul prayed for the cell group leaders.
Fresh oil from heaven has been poured out.
God has laid a new and exciting journey ahead for CHC


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CG Meeting 19, April, 2012


It was a time of prayer and sharing.
It was wonderful to hear testimony of God’s goodness in the lives of the members.
At the same time, we sympathized with the struggle of some of the members: one of them experiences objection from family members of becoming a Christian.
We should really pray for one another.

At the end, we enjoyed some kue lapis Shirley had brought.
Thanks a lot, Shirley!
Hmm, maybe it is now my turn to bless the CG too?

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Sabbath, a Day of Rest

“Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy”
-Exodus 20:8-

(The writing below is just my own opinion about it. It may or may not be theologically correct.
Hence, please pardon me if there is any mistake. This post is inspired by various articles I’ve read on

The Ten Commandments are the most basic requirement God expects everyone to have.
The fourth commandment He gave is that we should respect Sabbath.
The reason is simple: God created the universe in six literal days. On the seventh day, He ceased from all His work of creating.
Since we are made in God’s image, it will be reasonable that we should follow the same pattern.
The difference is obvious: God merely ceased, He was not tired at all after creating the heaven and earth. He is infinitely strong.
For us, Sabbath is really a day of rest since human body is finite being. We need some rest to replenish our stamina after some exercise, for instance.

Even though God stopped His work of creating on the seventh day, He did not stop another work: maintaining the universe.
We can imagine that God holds the universe in His hands. He holds it so tightly. Without His uphold, the universe would have collapsed long time ago (Heb 1:3).
(Note: because of human sin, God no longer holds it so tightly anymore. Hence, we see all natural disaster, suffering and death.)

In Lord Jesus’ time, Sabbath was more like a strict obligation than a day of rest.
Religious leaders did not allow people to do this and that.
Hence, Lord Jesus had to confront and rebuke the leaders.

For me, Sabbath is the day when I can spend special time with God and His people.
This is the time I can meet God in a special way in church, serve in His house and bless His people.
I used to serve in the bookstore once in two weeks. But nowadays, I serve there every week.
One of the reasons is because I want to respect Sabbath.

I understand that sometimes the demand of work and study can be so much even on Sabbath.
I remember I still did some experiment for final year project even on Sabbath.
Nevertheless, no matter how busy I was, I still went to church to worship God.

What is the reward for observing Sabbath?

“I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father”
-Isaiah 58:13-14-

Yes, a big reward awaits us if we obey His commandment concerning Sabbath.

Today is Friday. Be happy. Be excited.
I am looking forward to meeting God and His people tomorrow.
What about you? Smile