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Short Thought on Good Friday

Even though it is called Good Friday, in Indonesian language, today is called “Jumat Agung”,
which simply means Majestic Friday.
Indeed, this Friday not only good; it is majestic, beautiful, awesome, wonderful, *can’t find words.
A song from church which resonates very well with this moment:

This is your Savior
Pure love of heaven
Sent to die, on Calvary, to bear the sins of all.
Rejected, cursed to die, love silently endured.
His blood poured an offering
At the foot of the cross

The drama team makes sure the wounds on Jesus-actor look real, rivaling to that of Passion of the Christ.
The sound system of the hammer feels very real with the vibration beneath the chair.
Very astounding performance.

Aside from the drama, there is something much more important.
It should have been us who are crucified, not Lord Jesus.
We should have suffered penalty for our sin, yet Lord Jesus willingly bore it on our behalf.

We should never indulge in sin.
We may fall once in a while, but we must stay away from sin.
Playing around with sin is just like crucifying Lord Jesus again and again (Hebrew 6:6).
And, there will be no more mercy and forgiveness for those, even for Christians, who keep on sinning… (Matt 7:23)

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