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Easter Service 7, April, 2012

A lot of happening in church.
That’s hardly a surprise since I was in church from 11 am until 10 pm.
Things I did: served in the bookstore, hosted newcomers to Easter service, fellowshipped with CG people, served in the bookstore again, then had dinner.


Empty bookstore. But soon, it was transformed into a lively place.


First, I served with team A. Happy birthday, Florence!


Team A rocks! It was their first time serving in the Ink Room. But for me, I had prior experience from the week before.


Dinner with CG people after the church service. Affordable and tasty nasi lemak!


Dinner with team B people.
I am looking forward to the next duty with team A again!

CG Dinner 6, April, 2012

Since it was Easter week, there was no CG meeting.
So, my CG decided to have dinner together at Ashton, Suntec.
It is good to have some moment of fellowship and togetherness.


Can you guess which one is mine?


Joyful people.
They told me to build some muscles after seeing me in press body T-shirt.
Hmm, shall do soon!

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