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Wedding Card again + Money Matter

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The third wedding invitation card for next month.
I really mean it… I want to get married!!!!


A junior has been recently diagnosed with liver cancer.
She is just about 2 years younger than me.
Apparently, the history of getting cancer runs in her family.
Luckily the cancer is less than 2 cm in size, so it is not yet stage 1.
The doctor will carry out surgery on her.
Well, that reminds me the importance of having insurance!


During lunch time conversation, my friends and I talked about saving.
A friend started her PhD earlier but she has less saving than mine.
Another friend was advised to save at least 1.5K every month for future.
Apparently, those friends of mine really shop a lot.
I told them to wait until GSS, but still they would not listen.
”Let’s see if you can tell your future girlfriend to shop once a year,” one of them challenged me.