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Your Sacrifice Will Not Be in Vain

NTU Entrance Examination was a tough journey for me.
In particular, I had to study very hard to prepare myself.
Since chemistry lesson in Indonesia did not emphasize much on organic chemistry (at that time), I had to somehow self study it.
In fact, even my chemistry teacher could not help me much when it came to organic chemistry.

So, there I was, borrowing a very thick textbook from library.
I really tried my best to study it, but everything seemed so difficult.
I only managed to read the first few pages, nothing more than that.
I really had headache..

In the midst of my difficulty, the Lord told me, “Why do you want to give up? You will make My sacrifice in vain.”**

Indeed, Lord Jesus had suffer a lot as He carried the cross.
Torn flesh and muscle,
bleeding after bleeding,
and in the end, heart failure.
I believe at the back at His mind something screamed at Him: “Quit!”
Yet, Lord Jesus endured pain, persevered until the end.

Such an example.
Thank God I am now in NTU.

This journey I have now is tough.
Many times I fantasize the convenience and the comfort of quitting too.
But, I think God reminded the same word to me now.

“Don’t give up just like I do not give up.”

(** = may not sound theologically correct, but at least I get the meaning across)

Posted April 12, 2012 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought