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The Ink Room Duty 14, April, 2012: Part 2 + Pastor Yonggi Cho’s Sermon

Played some game with team A too.
However, the complete video is only visible to TIR people. As a trailer, here is one part of it Smile

It was a wonderful sermon by Pastor Yonggi Cho.
After walking together with the Lord for more than 50 years, he shared the secret of his life.
Firstly, there has to be a change of thinking. It all starts in the mind.
This mind has to conform with God’s word. Do think of positive things, do think of God’s word.
Secondly, we need to ask God for clear vision and dream.
There are so many things we can do but we need to ask God’s direction, what He really wants us to do.

Thirdly, we need to have faith that we can carry out His vision.
An insightful conversation between God and Pastor Cho:

Pastor Cho: “God. Why can’t I move the mountain?”
God:               “What is mustard seed faith?”
Pastor Cho: “I have no mustard seed faith. I only have 99% doubt and 1% faith.”
God:               “That 1% faith is mustard seed faith. I will move the mountain if you keep that 1% faith.”

Indeed, there can be a miracle when we believe in God.
Fourthly, we should continuously speak His word, speak of positive things.
Keep confessing until His promise comes to pass.


I used to say “Life is difficult to describe” when people ask me “How are you?”
Maybe, as an act of faith and confession,  I should answer “Believing for a miracle.”

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The Ink Room Duty 14, April, 2012: Part 1

Saturday is really my Sabbath.
A day to have fun and some personal life.
Today is working day for me, so Sunday is not so personal.
Since there were too many happenings, I shall divide the post into two parts.


Lunch at Olive Vine plus tuition session with Jorim.
Well, Jorim, study hard and get all the A1(s), ok?


Millenial Orchestra playing “There can be miracles when you believe”.
It really brings me to this video:

Indeed, as long as we believe in God, there is always a miracle.


HK Café was too crowded.
Café Cartel did not sell full meal anymore since it was pretty late.
So, we went o McD to get some supper.

Look forward to part 2, ok?