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Overconfident: Past Glory, Stale Story

A boy tells his mother, “Mom, since I scored A in the past, I will definitely score A in this exam.
After all, with a little bit of effort I can get the minimum grade required to get an A.”
In the end, the boy scores less than 50% for his present test.

There is this catch phrase in Sunday Times Think Section Page 45
”A is good, B is bad, C is sad and D is mad.”
-Maryam Mokhtar’s Dad-

To certain extent, I agree with this father (even though I think getting A depends on many factors).
Getting a good result is important.
Furthermore, maintaining good result is much more important.

In my time, I was under the system of pure mark, not grade.
That means, 90 means 90, 50 means 50. There was no A, B, C, D or F.
I thank God that my cumulative score is more than 90% (11-13 courses per semester).

While it is good to recall past glory, one should never boast it too much.
For the boy in the story above, he should never boast his past glory in the present time.
I never did that too during my high school years.
After all, a new semester poses a new challenge.

I heard this saying from a forum.
A boss instructs his sales department, “Past glory is a stale story. If you don’t perform today, I will fire you.”
It may sound extreme, yet there is some truth behind it.

Don’t let the past (be it bitter or sweet) stop us from achieving more in the present.

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