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Think First Before You Speak, Type or Upload

An interesting observation.
It has been said again and again that one should think first before speaking.
For instance, one should think carefully before giving an answer in a job interview.
Speaking first before thinking may invite ugly consequence.
Apparently, there are other activities before which we should think first.

Wang Peng Fei used to study hospitality at East Asia Institute of Management.
One day, he uploaded a video mocking Singapore.
The video sparked outrage in the society. As such, he was expelled from school.
He intended the video to be some joke. Yet, he suffered serious consequence due to it.
If only he had thought far enough..

In another occasion, Sun Xu made a remark about Singapore, implying Singaporeans were like dogs.
Due to his insensitive comment, his scholarship for final semester has been terminated.
He has to extend his semester and pay the new semester from his own pocket.
He intended the comment to be just an expression of his feeling. Yet, he is now in the midst of bearing the penalty.
If only he had thought far enough..

Again, Zheng Huiting, a Singaporean girl, considered Singaporeans to be weak people.
This is after an incident of National Service man passing away in training exercise.
As such, there are a lot of people condemning her comment.
If only she had thought far enough..

Be careful with cyber world. Typing or uploading before thinking is as serious as speaking before thinking.
To be safe, if we have nothing better to say, we better say nothing (I learn this from Pastor Kong).
However, if we are ready with the consequence, we should go ahead (speak, type or upload) according to our conviction.

Happy Wednesday!

Posted April 18, 2012 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought