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CG Meeting 19, April, 2012


It was a time of prayer and sharing.
It was wonderful to hear testimony of God’s goodness in the lives of the members.
At the same time, we sympathized with the struggle of some of the members: one of them experiences objection from family members of becoming a Christian.
We should really pray for one another.

At the end, we enjoyed some kue lapis Shirley had brought.
Thanks a lot, Shirley!
Hmm, maybe it is now my turn to bless the CG too?

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Sabbath, a Day of Rest

“Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy”
-Exodus 20:8-

(The writing below is just my own opinion about it. It may or may not be theologically correct.
Hence, please pardon me if there is any mistake. This post is inspired by various articles I’ve read on

The Ten Commandments are the most basic requirement God expects everyone to have.
The fourth commandment He gave is that we should respect Sabbath.
The reason is simple: God created the universe in six literal days. On the seventh day, He ceased from all His work of creating.
Since we are made in God’s image, it will be reasonable that we should follow the same pattern.
The difference is obvious: God merely ceased, He was not tired at all after creating the heaven and earth. He is infinitely strong.
For us, Sabbath is really a day of rest since human body is finite being. We need some rest to replenish our stamina after some exercise, for instance.

Even though God stopped His work of creating on the seventh day, He did not stop another work: maintaining the universe.
We can imagine that God holds the universe in His hands. He holds it so tightly. Without His uphold, the universe would have collapsed long time ago (Heb 1:3).
(Note: because of human sin, God no longer holds it so tightly anymore. Hence, we see all natural disaster, suffering and death.)

In Lord Jesus’ time, Sabbath was more like a strict obligation than a day of rest.
Religious leaders did not allow people to do this and that.
Hence, Lord Jesus had to confront and rebuke the leaders.

For me, Sabbath is the day when I can spend special time with God and His people.
This is the time I can meet God in a special way in church, serve in His house and bless His people.
I used to serve in the bookstore once in two weeks. But nowadays, I serve there every week.
One of the reasons is because I want to respect Sabbath.

I understand that sometimes the demand of work and study can be so much even on Sabbath.
I remember I still did some experiment for final year project even on Sabbath.
Nevertheless, no matter how busy I was, I still went to church to worship God.

What is the reward for observing Sabbath?

“I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father”
-Isaiah 58:13-14-

Yes, a big reward awaits us if we obey His commandment concerning Sabbath.

Today is Friday. Be happy. Be excited.
I am looking forward to meeting God and His people tomorrow.
What about you? Smile