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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 22, April, 2012

Song of Solomon 2:10-13

A seasonal shift.
Pastor Paul felt God speaking through him to the church.
It was not a message he had planned to preach.
Apparently, God nudged him to announce a seasonal shift to the church.

Winter is past, the spring has begun.
It is time to change from winter garment to spring garment.
Furthermore, it is time to adopt spring work lifestyle.
Winter is not the season to work, so to speak. Spring is the season to do so so there will be food during harvest time.

Just like God told Pastor Paul, “Just be available,” Pastor Paul encouraged the members to be available to God too.
Maybe God will divinely interrupt our plan and show us what He wants us to do for that particular moment.
Let’s work hard in the marketplace and be available whenever God wants to “disturb” us.

In the end of the service, Pastor Paul prayed for the cell group leaders.
Fresh oil from heaven has been poured out.
God has laid a new and exciting journey ahead for CHC


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