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Blessed are the Merciful

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”
-Matthew 5:7 (NIV)-

This is second time the Lord taught me about having mercy.
In my own paraphrase, the verse above also means:

Blessed are those who sow leniency, for they shall reap leniency.

I was appointed, unofficially, as the person in charge of a certain spectrometer in school.
It cost 400K. Since I used it frequently for my first project, I had to maintain too.
A couple of days back, another user wanted to use the instrument.
He saw something off with the laser alignment. He tried to fix it but to no avail.

He called me and I tried to fix it too.
However, I could not solve the problem.
I was so upset. Deep in me, I wanted to scold him upside down.
Yet, I remember I read somewhere: anger is the situation in which your word runs faster than your mind.
So, I just kept quiet and simply walked away.
Once I got calmer, I told myself that I would use his equipment too, after all.

Yesterday, I used another instrument. Quite an expensive one.
Initially it was fine. However, I accidentally broke one main part.
Guilty.. I really felt guilty.
I asked my friend to fix it. Thank God he did not express anger or anything.
I apologized to him and he was cool with that.

Today, the instrument I am in charge of has been fixed.
Everything seems fine now.
Thank God for such a great sowing and reaping session! Smile

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