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Sunday Service 27, May, 2012

My base service is on Saturday.
Yet, last Saturday I was busy in the bookstore.
Hence, I attended Sunday service.
Good thing, though, as the main sermon “Five Loaves and Two Fish” was delivered on Sunday.


We celebrated Margaret Maxwell’s and Sun’s birthday. Wow, what a beautiful event!


The man of God on the stage.
Will write about the sermon he preached soon Smile

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, May, 2012: Mother’s Day Weekend

There are 7 women in the Bible who trusted God and became examples of faith.
They kept believing in God in the midst of impossibility and heart pain.
In the end, God lifted them up and honored their faith.

1.) Eve —– God has a purpose
She had no role model as she was the first woman. She even lost paradise.
She experienced heart break as one of her sons killed another son.
Nevertheless, she fulfilled the purpose of God in her life: she became the mother of all.

2.) Sarah —– God fulfills His promise
She received the promise that she would have a son.
Yet, she had to wait for more than 20 years until His promise came to pass.
The beautiful thing is her faith remained strong during the waiting period (Heb 11:11)

3.) Rebecca —- God turned the negative into positive
Liker her mother in law, she was initially barren.
Yet, God listened to Isaac’s prayer and blessed her with two sons.
One of her sons was Jacob, the father of Israelites.

4.) Jochebed — God provides and intervenes
She refused to abort her baby, whom was later named Moses.
God honored her and even Moses became a mighty deliverer.
Indeed, God can intervene even in our lowest point.

5.) Hannah —- God is the prayer-answering-God
Everyday she cried. She was frustrated and depressed as she was barren.
One day she prayed to God for a child and even promised to give the son back to Him.
God answered her prayer. She conceived and gave birth to Samuel.

6.) Bathsheba —- God of persistent grace
She was not at fault. She simply became the object of David’s lust.
Yet, God poured His grace to her again and again that she could recover from her emotional pain.
She then gave birth to Solomon, the mightiest king ever lived.

7.) Mary —- God of personal encounter
She willingly obeyed God’s will that she would give birth to Lord Jesus.
It was extremely as she had not married at that time. People could have accused her of being pregnant out of wedlock.
Yet, she still believed in God in the midst of all the risk.

Hmm, for me, indeed this sermon reminds me that God always keeps His promise and He answers my prayer.
So, I should follow their examples too: to trust and obey God.

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The Ink Room Duty 26, May, 2012

Dr. John C. Maxwell was in the house!
As such, the bookstore brought in a lot of his products.
Furthermore, after the church service, he signed books!
Can you imagine the size of crowd??


New bookstore layout. We tried to shorten the queue and transaction using this cashier line.


But of course,  even though it was duty time, we should still take photos, shouldn’t we?


Oh oh, customers were coming and queue started to build up. But of course, we won the war!!!


Celebrating Cheryl’s birthday after the duty. Happy birthday, Cheryl!


And very importantly, dinner + fellowship after the duty. We talked about politics in Singapore, especially the recent by-election in Hougang Smile with tongue out

Look forward to the next duty, ok?

Keeping Promise of Paying Back a Debt

He borrowed 100 bucks as he had lost his wallet.
He promised to return the money as soon as he received salary.
At first, he was still in contact with the creditor and the creditor still could accept it.
Slowly, he tried to drift away from the creditor.
After receiving salary, he did not immediately pay his debt back.

The creditor kept asking him. His answer was, “Next week.”
It happened times and again.
Feeling upset, the creditor called him and fixed the date and place to solving the debt.
He agreed. However, on the day itself, he tried to change the agreement.
The creditor then confronted him even though he and the creditor had been friend.

In the end, he paid his debt.
Yet, he lost the trust of his friend, the creditor.

Lesson learned: always keep promise and pay back any debt as soon as possible.

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Jacob’s Vindication

Being cheated again and again.
It must have been tough for Jacob when he worked for Laban, his father in law.
First, he was tricked into working for 14 years instead of just 7 years.
The agreement was that he was to marry Rachel. Yet, Laban tricked him into marrying Leah.

Jacob worked hard. God blessed the work of his hands.
Laban’s flocks grew wonderfully.
Yet, Laban kept changing Jacob’s wages. Not once, but ten times.
In all this, Jacob held his peace. He trusted God to change the circumstance for him.

Eventually, God did.
Jacob’s flock grew much more than Laban’s flock.

My situation is more or less similar like Jacob’s.
The agreement has been changed times and again.
Each change has placed in more and more disadvantaged position.

Jacob trusted God and God vindicated him.
Likewise, I keep trusting God and one day God will vindicate me.

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David’s Suffering

It must have been tough to be David.
He just tried his best to be a good soldier for the country.
He killed enemies after enemies and he played music for his father in law, Saul.
But most importantly, he followed the Lord.

Initially, things were great for him.
People of the country loved him.
He was anointed to be the next king. He even became the king’s son in law.
Yet in the end, he had to escape for his life from the king’s jealousy.

“What have I done?” he must have thought. “Did I choose this path?”
“Why do things end up to be like this?”
Yet, despite all his situation, he kept believing in God.
Eventually, he did become a king.

Why is my situation so difficult like this now?
I do not know, either.
Like David, I did not choose to be in it.
Yet, as David believed in God, so shall I believe in God.

Suffering precedes glory, I conclude.

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Baby Dedication + Huong Guo Lun Mini Concert 19, May, 2012

A wonderful and colorful weekend service at church.
First up, it was baby dedication event.
”In church, we do not practice infant baptism. However, we follow the example of Lord Jesus when He was committed to God 8 days after he was born.
Why should we have many babies? First, you become a good citizen. Second, you grow the kingdom of God.”, Pastor Kong mentioned.
Definitely, I want to have plenty babies as well in the future!!


Very cute and adorable babies!
Next up, Huong Gou Lun shared his testimony about how God had changed his life.
He once gave up on God. However, God drew him back to Him.


He uses his talent to share the Gospel among  many celebrities.
Praise the Lord! What a wonderful role model to follow!

Jianxiong and Praise Wedding 19, May, 2012

My third time attending a wedding this year.
It was held at City Harvest Church Jurong West St 91.
Seeing all these wedding events,… I swear by the name of my cat that I will get married soon! (… wait, I have no cat!)


Some preliminary photos before the wedding itself.


Me with the pretty bride, Praise, and handsome groom, Jianxiong.


Nice lunch reception. It was my lunch and dinner.


Took photos with friends too.
Congratulations, Jianxiong and Praise!

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CG Meeting 17, May, 2012


A CG Meeting last Thursday.
It was a video sermon by Pastor Kong to summarize the Crossover project.
A take home message:
1.) What is the vision God has given to us this year? Are we on the track to achieving it?
2.) What is the spiritual discipline we want to improve in order to fulfill this vision?
3.) Do we still have the heart to reach out to the lost?

After the meeting, we enjoyed some cake refreshment.
Thanks a lot, Shirley!

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The Ink Room Meeting 16, May, 2012

A product training on John C. Maxwell’s books.
It was conducted on Wednesday night at Suntec 603.
We started off with some games. The video is available on my FB.


The brothers arranged the chairs while the sisters arranged the food.


Nice dinner for about 40 people.


We celebrated members’ birthday too.


Mike, our product trainer.
When John C. Maxwell comes, we are expecting around 4000 customers in the bookstore.
With the promotion of buy 2 get 1 free and book signing by him, this figure may be an underestimation.
TIR is going for war!!!

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