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Crossover Project Part 1: Past and Present


Pastor Kong went to Taiwan to visit Pastor Abraham Ku and his church, New Life Church.
He was saddened to see many young people refusing to come to church.
There and then the Holy Spirit revealed to him that through him God would bring revival to Taiwan.
Some time later, he visited Taiwan again with Sun.
Sun was so fashionable. Due to that, many young people came to church.
He then realized that pop culture could be used to spread the Gospel.

He asked God to confirm His word to him. Indeed, God did that in 4 different occasions.
The first confirmation was when God spoke to him during the 11, September attacks.
The fourth confirmation was when Pastor Ulf Ekman, Pastor Phil Pringle and Pastor A. R. Bernard preached from the same Bible passage (Mark 4:35).
Pastor Kong and Sun then carried out the project in faith.

Sun went to Taiwan for a pop concert.
A surprising open door came when a unbeliever radio broadcaster interviewed her about Lord Jesus.
During the concert, Sun fascinated the audience with her singing.
In the end, she shared her testimony on how God delivered her out of depression.
After her performance, Pastor Kong gave an altar call.
Thousands and thousands of people responded.
That was the start of Crossover project.

Revival then swept through Hong Kong; even Hong Kong triad boss accepted Lord Jesus.
Sun conducted concert in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Because of this revival, CHC Kuala Lumpur experienced tremendous growth.
In Indonesia, even the police who was supposed to guard the church responded to altar call.
In Singapore, thousands and thousands of people responded to altar call after Sun’s concert in Jurong West premise.
Sun’s dance choreographer, Ryan, accepted Lord Jesus too and O School was birthed immediately.
In just 25 months, about 180000 people accepted Lord Jesus through Sun’s concert.

After giving birth to Dayan, Sun was considering to stop doing concert. After all, she wanted to fulfill the call of motherhood.
However, in May 2005, God, through Pastor Phil’s prophecy, revealed to Sun that she should continue the project for at least the next 5 years..
So, Sun obeyed it. She went to US, further impacting the pop culture for Christ.
Her albums hit the first chart times and again.
She was well received in China and she conducted numerous humanitarian works, shining for God.
Indeed, 5 years later, in May 2010, she returned to Singapore to assist the investigation. But at least, she fulfilled God’s call for her.
(speaking of which, I wonder when they will declare us innocent..)

The objectives of Crossover project were two fold:
1.) To reach the unchurched.
2.) To encourage Christians to shine for God in the marketplace.

This year is the 10th anniversary for this project. What can Christians learn from this project:
Mark 4:36
1.) What am I willing to forsake? My comfort zone?
2.) What am I willing to take? Will I take up the cross?
3.) What impact will I make? Will the people around me see Lord Jesus in me?

Next post I will discuss about the critics and persecution Pastor Kong and Sun faced.
In particular, I will focus on China Wine video.