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Crossover Project Part 2: Criticism and Counter Argument, China Wine

China Wine

Finally, I found some time to continue writing about Crossover project!
This is gonna be a long one.
(image above was taken from a forum)

It was a very challenging project for both Pastor Kong and Sun.
Both spiritual and physical obstacles were there.
One time there was typhoon during one of the concerts. However, God still moved the hearts of the audience to attend the concert and they received Christ.
Some accused CHC pastor as forcing the members to buy Sun’s CD.
Some accused Sun as worldly pastor. The fact is, she is not a pastor even though she is a pastor’s wife.
Some accused CHC as Temple of the Sun.

I was not in Singapore when they accused CHC of forcing the members to purchase Sun’s CD or when they considered CHC Temple of the Sun.
So, I can’t comment much on that.
Nevertheless, I will just focus on one of Sun’s songs: China Wine.
Pastor Kong has expressed his opinion on this album on his blog entitled “Wholesome Shallowness”.
Since his blog was changed, I will just paste the link from his FB.
Somehow I was involved in the discussion on the blog.
Of course, the siding is clear: I was pro-Sun and my forum-mates were anti-Sun.

I like to liken Sun to Daniel. He was in Babylon and yet he looked apparently worldly.
– He was given an official worldly name: Belthesazzar. A modern day equivalent would be Christian who is called “son of Lucifer”.
– He was the head of soothsayer and sorceresses. That would mean he had to understand witchcraft and sorcery (although I believe it was only head knowledge for him as he never practiced them).
– He dressed up like magicians too. Remember, he was the head of magicians.

To certain extent, Sun is like Daniel.
Both of them looked apparently worldly. However, deep inside they maintained close relationship with God.
In the following, I would write down some criticism toward Sun’s video: China Wine and its respective counter argument.

One conclusion is that: The way one dresses (“apparently worldly” or “apparently holy”) and the reason behind it (“being forced” or ”being voluntary”) has nothing to do with his/her personal spirituality.

Critics: Daniel’s context is not the same as Sun. He was forced into captivity whereas Sun voluntarily did what she did.
Counter: That is because you have already read his life story in the book of Daniel. However, without knowing this book, what did the Jews really think of Daniel at that time? Secondly, do you really know Sun’s background in order to make such a comment? It is not fair to say about Daniel’s background without knowing Sun’s. And thirdly, whether Daniel was forced or not is irrelevant here: if he had considered it a sin to look apparently worldly, he would have martyred right away.

Critics: Daniel was appointed head of sorcerers because he had interpreted the dream, not because he knew soothsaying.
Counter: It’s a simple explanation: how can one become a head of science department if he/she does not understand science at all? How can one become a head of marketing department if he/she does not understand marketing at all? If Daniel had not understood magic/soothsaying at all, how could he even have communicated with these magicians/soothsayers when they were having a meeting in the office? For instance, during his early years in Babel, he surely interacted, ate, and talked to many soothsayers and magicians. Eventually, to certain extent, he understood with magic/soothsaying. Daniel did interpret the dream but Nebuchadnezzar could have given him another high position in his kingdom if Daniel had not understood magic/soothsaying.

Critics: This video is about geisha with sexually suggestive dance moves.
Counter: Firstly, “sexually suggestive” is very subjective. I am a guy and I watched China Wine video clips several times and I did not find it sexually suggestive. Secondly, even if it is “sexually suggestive”, is it a sin? I saw an advertisement about condom in MRT train. Now may I know whether MRT company has committed a sin by displaying such an advertisement?

Critics: This video is not artistic at all.
Counter: “Artistic” is pretty subjective. To me, this video is artistic. Talking about art, drawing a nude human model for an artist could be artistic. However, it may not be artistic for others.

Critics: Is this to penetrate the marketplace with the gospel?
Counter: Entertainment industry is difficult to penetrate if one sings gospel because they will immediately consider he/she to be trying to “Christianize” them. On the other hand, if one sings non-gospel song, they will be more open to he/she and eventually he/she can share the Gospel to them.

Critics: Will a Christian woman dress this way?
Counter: Daniel dressed up like a sorcerer. Matteo Ricci, a missionary in China, dressed up like a Buddhist monk when he was doing mission. In fact, Pastor Kong was so tempted to dress up like a monk as well following Matteo Ricci while preaching to the congregation (as mentioned in God in Ancient China DVD).

Critics: When you become like the world, in speech, in dressing, in their style and ways, you have compromised
Counter: Dressing is just external. It has nothing to do with internal spirituality. The way Daniel, Sun and Matteo Ricci dressed up is “apparently worldly”. However, it does not necessarily reflect their spirituality. Btw, Sun has never compromised her speech and lifestyle.

Critics: What Sun has done so far in her US career, is it worthy of respect?
Counter: Yes, it is. She has earned the respect from non-Christians there. It is just a matter of time before she can share the Gospel to them and bring some of them to Christ Jesus

Critics: In terms of the cultural mandate, Where is the glory for Christ in dancing at Roxy Theatre in LA? Where is the honor given to Jesus in Chinaawine and Fancyfree and whatnots? Please answer this question too.
Counter: What is so wrong with her dance? She just follows the way professional dancers do which is not necessarily a sin. After all, she made friends with the people in the music company and they could see Lord Jesus in her. Remember, she never compromises her spirituality and she does plenty humanitarian work and she has led many people to Christ.