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Google, Facebook, Twitter and Other Distraction.. Avengers: You Should Be Studying

The avengers You Should Be Studying

A polytechnic student was in the midst of exam.
However, she found it difficult to focus as she was distracted by iPod games.
A secondary school student was also in the midst of exam.
However, HTC games enticed him times and again.
A student in a private school was supposed to be studying.
Yet, Twitter and Facebook proved too much for her to handle.

I am not immune to this kind of temptation, either.
Many times my hand automatically move the mouse to Facebook.
It is not right. Should focus more on my work.
Should discipline myself and immediately close Facebook tab.

Maybe I should set the photo from 9gag above as my desktop background?
Turn to your neighbor at your left and say:
”You should be studying.”
Then turn to your neighbor at your right and say:
”You should be working.”

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