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Pastor A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 6, May, 2012

Acts 1:6-7
Jewish people considered that the Messiah would come and deliver Israel from the oppression of Rome.
They only thought of the glory, not the suffering the Messiah had to experience.
In this passage, Lord Jesus did not reveal to them the timing God the Father had set.

There are 3 Greek words for times:
1.) Chronos = times     = which typically refer to minutes, hours, years.
2.) Kairos     = seasons =  opportune/suitable time.
3.) Aion        = age          = a period of time in history marked by notable events/characteristics.

Gal 1:4
Sometimes, “aion” can be translated as “world” too.
In this passage, Apostle Paul warned of an evil world or an evil age.
This evil age will end when Lord Jesus comes back for the second time.
This evil age is marked with apostasy = moving away from certain thing.

In this evil age, many people can’t endure sound doctrine.
There is basic and essential teaching in church. Apostate want to move away from this teaching as indicated in:
1.) Denying the atoning work of Christ on the cross.
2.) Denying the deity of Christ.
3.) Denying the inerrancy of Scripture.
4.) Denying the resurrection of Christ.
5.) Departure from moral standard.

We are constantly exposed to immoral values in the culture we live in.
Holiness is to be always maintained.
This age is an age of grace too as the Holy Spirit works among us.
What does grace do when it comes to morality?

John 8:2-11.
It is interesting to note that Lord Jesus did not dispute the sin of this woman.
In particular, it was rather a set up against her as they did not bring the man and they managed to catch her in the very act of adultery.
How did Lord Jesus demonstrate His grace?
1.) He gave her protection from the crowd.
2.) He gave her dignity as He pointed out that the accusers were no better morally.
3.) He offered forgiveness.
4.) He released her from condemnation.
5.) He demanded that she should sin no more.

Indeed, grace makes a demand: a change in lifestyle.
Grace demands a moral life. It does not condone immorality.
As we live in holiness, we gain access to speak to other people’s life.
People are watching the lifestyle of Christians.
We must not be carnal, allowing the appetite of flesh to take control.

What is the reason for living a moral life?
We are grateful to God who has saved, blessed and provided for us.

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The Ink Room Duty 12, May, 2012

Yay! Another bookstore duty with team A!
It coincided with Mother’s Day service. So, I will post about both Smile


Some meal to provide energy during the serving.


Some free gifts for the kids. It was a family weekend so kids were allowed to join their parents in the main hall Smile


Family weekend service! The drama was mostly done by the kids and the singers were all mama-boys!


Some balloon designs as photo background! Not forgetting to take photos with team A too Smile
Happy Mother’s Day, Audrey-jie and Mommy Dorinna!!

Take 5ive


Saw a group of promoters in front of Suntec Convention Center.
Apparently, they were distributing free products of Take 5ive.
It was my first time seeing this product.
I was only required to give a “Like” on Facebook on the spot (a promoter lended iPhone to me).
After that, this bottle has become mine for free Smile with tongue out

Well, it is kinda energetic drink, similar to Red Bull.
As I am writing this post, I am in the midst of doing experiment.
It is now 3.30 am.
A combination of this product and Warcraft is really effective in getting rid of sleepiness, to certain extent.
Praise God! I saw 1 buck from having to buy coffee!

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