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CG Sermon: He Who Wins Soul is Wise

Again, I found this long lost note of CG Sermon.
This was preached before Easter service.
Yet, I think it is still relevant for us today.

Proverb 11:30
Winning a soul here can be interpreted as winning a friend.
It is not easy to win a good impression from someone whom we may meet for the first time.
But at least, when it comes to a conversation, there are 5 ways we can do to win a friend:

1.) Use the person’s name.
Statistically, it has been shown that 3 minutes after shaking hand, we will forget the person’s name.
So, we should keep mentioning his/her name throughout the conversation.
It sounds more sincere too.

2.) Ask open-ended question.
Who, why, what, when, where and how.
These questions can keep the conversation going.

3.) Paraphrase their answers.
Sometimes, the person may have different accent so we can’t hear him/her clearly.
In that situation, we should paraphrase their answer to our question.

4.) Focus on their passion.
Watch when his/her eyes become big when the conversation hits a certain topic.
Keep that topic going.

5.) Conclude.
End the conversation on high.
Wikihow gives a very good way to end a conversation politely. (see here)

Hmm, for me, I think I need to sharpen all these five when I talk to new people.
Sometimes, I may forget them. Shall practice more!

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Dinner 13, May, 2012

A dinner with friends on Sunday night.
It was after their test in a guitar class.
Well, they passed their test. Happy for them!


Some hearty meal at Thai Express Esplanade.
They wanted to train my resistance to spicy food.
I sweated because of the food, not the weather.


My 2 friends Smile


Some sweet serving to end the sweet day!

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