Baby Dedication + Huong Guo Lun Mini Concert 19, May, 2012

A wonderful and colorful weekend service at church.
First up, it was baby dedication event.
”In church, we do not practice infant baptism. However, we follow the example of Lord Jesus when He was committed to God 8 days after he was born.
Why should we have many babies? First, you become a good citizen. Second, you grow the kingdom of God.”, Pastor Kong mentioned.
Definitely, I want to have plenty babies as well in the future!!


Very cute and adorable babies!
Next up, Huong Gou Lun shared his testimony about how God had changed his life.
He once gave up on God. However, God drew him back to Him.


He uses his talent to share the Gospel among  many celebrities.
Praise the Lord! What a wonderful role model to follow!

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