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Trouble Shooting MS Office: “No Access Privileges”

Dear readers, hopefully this tip can help you too Smile

Some time back I could not open a Word file. I can’t remember the exact error message.
All I remember is it was because I types some math equation in it.
The next day, I could not open it.
Of course, I google-d the solution and tried different tips the forums suggested.
However, the solution turned out to be quite simple: get the latest update from Windows.
Or, you can find the link here:

Recently, I have been having trouble with opening Word file due to access privileges.
Funny. This is my own laptop.
After trying this and that advice in forums, it turns out that the solution is as follows:

1.) Right click the file. Go to Properties.
2.) Under Security tab, choose Edit.
3.) Click Add then Advanced.
4.) Under “Select Users or Groups” window, click Find Now
5.) Under “Search Results”, choose “Everyone” then OK.
6.) Then OK again.
7.) Check “Allow” and “Full Control” box.
8.) Then Apply, OK then OK again.

Mine is Vista. Hopefully it works with other Windows too.

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Thought of the Day: Quick Judgment + Abortion due to Anomaly

Very often, we are pretty quick in judging others.
Using what we see at that moment or what we hear, we quickly charge others of doing wrong.
The danger is, like what I wrote earlier, the conclusion can be wrong due to partial story.
This video is a good example to it.
A very good message: Don’t judge quickly. We won’t

Some time back, I read a news on Straits Times about a pregnant mother who decided to terminate her pregnancy.
Apparently, the baby had no skull, a condition known as anencephaly.
You can read the story here:

A thought popped up in my mind: what would I do if I were that pregnant woman?
Would I continue until full term pregnancy? Or, would I abort that baby?

It is a tough decision. But I guess, I would still carry it on.
The reason is because God can still do a miracle. Who knows a few weeks later the skull comes up?
After all, God created life in the beginning. It will be a snap for Him to just create a skull.
But if God decides, in His sovereignty, that the baby should pass away, then I would let the baby pass away naturally in my womb.
(Technically speaking, I would then need to go through daily check up as I would not to take too long to have the passed away baby out of my womb).

Just a tentative thought.
At the moment, it is not the issue of right and wrong.
Again, it is a tough decision, after all.

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There is Always Side Story to Evidence And Fact

A conversation with a member of academia.

Academia: Your church is in the news.
Jefri: Yeah, I know.
Academia: They found the evidence.
Jefri: Fact is not fact by itself. It depends on how one interprets it. There is always side story.
Academia: If you kill someone, that means you kill someone. The dead body is there.
Jefri: If I say he tries to kill me first?
Academia: Ah, self defense.
Jefri: Yup.
Academia: You will make a good lawyer.

It is well known that in the court, both the defense and prosecutors may use the same evidence.
However, they interpret it differently using different framework. And eventually, they arrive at totally different conclusion!
Another clearer example is creationist vs evolutionist. Both scientists use the same evidence but they end up with opposing conclusion.

In addition to that, there is always side story.
That is why it is important to listen to both parties to make sound and unbiased judgment.
After all, there is always possibility to access only partial information, both to prosecutor and defense.
Hence, with both parties speaking, the complete picture can be formed.

Just like what the Bible teaches:
”The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.” (Proverb 18:17)

Rain oh Rain

A short post for today.
Finally this morning rain came to NTU area.
It had been very hot recently.
Due to lack of sleep and weather change, somehow my lips become dry and my head aching.
Apparently, a lab colleague is feeling slightly unwell too.
Hmm, no good. Should take care of myself.

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Gifts and Many Gifts

Yup, been receiving plenty gifts from different ones.
Shall show case them here Smile with tongue out


From a colleague. Some beef in chili sauce.


Cookies from supervisor.


Milk candy from a friend.. Smile


Birthday card from church! Wah!
Do look forward to the next post on the gifts, ok? Smile with tongue out

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Pastor Kevin Gerald’s Sermon 24, June, 2012

Forces that Form Your Future.
Pastor Kevin taught us a few things we should take note of in order to shape our future.
For instance, our present life would be different if our relationship, sowing, thought and belief had been different.
Hence, our future is determined by our present thought and action.

Pastor Kevin taught three examples of forces in order to form a great future.

1.) Force of Belief
We might have the right intention but with the wrong belief… and the result might be bad.
For instance, one might be the recipient of Nobel Prize in Peace.
Yet, if he absolutely believe that  red traffic light means go and green traffic light means stop, he might endanger himself and others.
Belief is one of the cores of life.
If our belief is wrong, for instance if we believe God is so distant, then we will have miserable life.
On the other hand, if our belief is right, then we will have fantastic life.
And this is the right belief: God cares every single detail in our life and He really loves us.

2.) Force of Habit
There is an organ in our brain which records our activity and helps us repeat the same thing again and again.
Thank God for it as we can just drive cars without even thinking too much.
Cultivating a good habit ensures a great future.
A champion has a champion’s habit.

3.) Force of Dream
Dream is a faith picture.
Joshua and Caleb kept holding on their dream: to enter into Promised Land.
No matter how difficult the circumstance is, we should keep holding on our dream.
In fact, City Harvest itself was birthed out of Pastor Kong’s dream.

As for me, I once thought of God as a distant God due to plenty disappointment experience.
Nevertheless, now I feel so close to Him.
There is this dream of mine which is yet to come to pass. I believe God will make it happen Smile

Interesting sermon, isn’t it? Get a copy of it in The Ink Room today Smile

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The Ink Room Duty 23, June, 2012

Yup, a lot of happenings yesterday. We were busy but happy too.
Pastor Kevin Gerald came to preach to the church for the very first time. He brought some products with him.


There are 3 book titles: Forces That Form Your Future, Pardon Me, I’m Prospering and Mind Monsters.
He preached from his book Forces That Form Your Future. I will give a bit summary of his sermon in the next post.
It turned out that the members swept through his products.
The queue at the cashier was pretty long (Praise the Lord!) and I became one of the queue marshals.
Thank God for the breakthrough sales!
Well, some church members were not happy as they could not get hold of his book.
Hopefully the bookstore can bring in more of his products next time.


Audrey jie treated us doughnuts! Thanks a lot, jie! May God bless your sowing and may you reap abundantly!
(Just like Dr. Robb Thompson wrote in his book, “You may not reap where you sow, but you will definitely reap what you sow.”)


Taking photo with a bookstore member.. Smile


Dinner at Koufu Changi City Point. The food court closed at 10 pm so we did not have many choices.
Hmm, that means the bookstore should end the business earlier… perhaps?


Super delicious cupcakes from Mommy! Hehehe, thanks a lot, Mommy!

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Makeover Session June, 2012

Since a few months ago, two friends (or two image consultants, to be exact) have been encouraging me to change my appearance.
Many times they told me to grow the hair then go for haircut.
They recommended me to purchase nice jeans, clothes and shoes.
Well, initially I was a bit reluctant to that idea.
However, for the sake of impressing the girl I like (Smile with tongue out), I did not mind going for a makeover.

First it was the hair.
One of the bookstore members is a hairstylist.
So, he cut my hair then styled it.
Well, now my hair has some spikes at the back.
I can’t remember exactly how to style it exactly like how he taught me.
Nevertheless, I realize it requires plenty hair wax Smile with tongue out

The last Saturday, it was the fashion session.
The 2 image consultants brought me shopping at Changi City Point.


Smart casual style.


I still do think track shoes are the best shoes for both work and bookstore serving. Still, they told me to get one pair.


Before and after.
Well, at least now I can try to style the hair according to anime character.
Maybe in the future it can be like Cloud Strife FFVII?? Smile with tongue out

Group Dinner 17, June, 2012

A colleague of mine treated the group dinner at Jurong Bird Park Yakiniku restaurant.
It was my first time visiting a smokeless BBQ Yakiniku place.
Quite fun, I should say, to see the process of roasting the meat.
Nevertheless, somehow I prefer eating the cooked meat rather than cooking it Smile with tongue out


But of course, my colleagues put in plenty butter and oil during the roasting.
Hmm, but at least, for the next few days, I ate plenty vegetables to compensate it Smile with tongue out

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, June, 2012

It was a Father’s Day sermon.
Pastor Kong started first with a few jokes regarding fatherhood.
One of it was roughly as follows:

A father brings his 5 kids to a play park (Disneyland, for instance).
He takes part in one game, namely , throwing a dart.
Lucky for him, his dart hits the jackpot when he throws it.
He receives one big teddy bear.
Now, he is confused: which one among his 5 kids will receive the prize?
He then asks them, “Kids, in the home, who always obeys Mom and never makes her angry?”
10 seconds later, all of them answer, “You, Dad”.

It is not easy to be a father. A father should always be ready to sacrifice himself for the family.
(Minato Namikaze was willing to sacrifice his life as he planned to seal Kyubi inside Naruto)
There is one father in the Bible whom is seldom mentioned: Joseph, the earthly father of Lord Jesus.
A few things we can learn from him:

1.) Joseph was a loving father.
The best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
It was not easy for Joseph to accept Mary as she was miraculously pregnant.
But in the end, he accepted her and did not divorce her.
He protected Mary and baby Jesus and even passed on his carpentry business to Lord Jesus.

2.) Joseph was a nurturing father.
He was not mentioned often in the Bible, most likely because he died young.
Nevertheless, he redeemed the time. Within his short lifespan, he raised Jesus and other children in the faith in God.

3.) Joseph was a spiritual father.
He was obedient to God when the angels told him to marry Mary.
He promptly went to Egypt even though he must have had no idea how to live in a foreign country.
It goes to show his faith, just like in faith Abraham went to a foreign land.
Joseph was also faithful in his spiritual duties.
He regularly came to the house of God to sacrifice and pray.

Hmm, I am not yet a father. But at least, I can practice out some of the criteria above.
I have to stay obedient to God and always put faith in Him.
I will also love and protect my future girlfriend.

By God’s grace, I want to be a great father in the future!!!

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