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Dr. Robi’s Teaching 23, May, 2012

Dr. Robi taught CHC membes in a 4-days seminar. 
I attended Wednesday night session.
So, here is his teaching :)

God invites everyone into a relationship with Him. In this relationship, however, there is certain respect we need to maintain as we relate to God. God is indeed our loving Father. But at the same time, God is the King of all.

Since we are in this relationship, we obtain our identity as royal heirs in the kingdom of God. Many times, the devil will come and deceive us into believing something we are not by using the word “if”. For instance, the devil challenged Lord Jesus “If You are the Son of God..” However, Lord Jesus did not need to prove His identity to the devil. He rested secure in it. To counter the devil’s challenge, we can throw a reply “Why do you think…?”

This relationship with God is progressive. 2 Pet 1:3-10. The following are the stages we should go though:

 1.)    Faith: We believe in God’s word and all His promise.
2.)    Goodness: We believe in God because of His goodness and His promise that everything works together for my good.
3.)    Knowledge: The realization of the goodness of God.
4.)    Self control: We exercise self control as we do not want to displease God.
5.)    Perseverance: We persevere in the midst of hardship as we believe in God’s goodness even when we suffer.
6.)    Kindness:  Our faith is proven as we show kindness. God is good to us and we should be good to others.
7.)    Love: Ultimately, just like God loves us unconditionally, we love others unconditionally too.

Indeed, God does not need us.
However, He loves to include us in a beautiful partnership and relationship with Him.

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