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The Ink Room Duty 2, June, 2012

Somehow, I happened to be free yesterday.
Usually I serve half duty with team A. But for this occasion, I served full duty with them.
I should keep exercising too, after all. And somehow, they lacked manpower.


A Taiwanese singer performed in church.
She shared how Sun had become her role model: bringing the Gospel to the lost via singing.
She sang 2 songs and the theme was about ending a relationship: from a boyfriend to become a normal friend.
Well, it was quite sad theme but it brought the atmosphere for Pastor Mike Connel to minister to the broken heart due to failed relationship, for instance.


Since there were not many customers, as the members were attending deliverance ministry session, the bookstore closed early.
We went to Olive Vine but it was too crowded. We then moved to Marina Square Food court.
Can you guess which of the food is mine from the photos above? Open-mouthed smile
During the trip back home, I made a deal with 2 bookstore friends that they would be my fashion consultants.
Yup, it will be Jefri-extreme-makeover event in 2 weeks time.
Thank God for Great Singapore Sales!