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Pastor Mike Connel’s Sermon 2, May, 2012

Like what I mentioned in the previous blog, the song performance by the Taiwanese singer set the stage.
The theme of her singing was about a couple who broke up.
Such an event will cause a heart pain. This is where Pastor Mike specializes: inner healing.

At least at one point in life, people experience pain. People do have broken lives.
For physical injury, the wound is obvious. For emotional injury, the wound is not obvious, but it is recognizable.
Examples of causes of emotional wound: loss of parents, broken relationship, divorce, abuse.
When we are hurt emotionally, we tend to build wall around our heart and harden it so we won’t get hurt again.
Eph 4:27
Just like untended physical wound will invite germs, untended emotional wound will invite demons to come.

Luke 4:18
The ministry of Lord Jesus is to reconnect people to God.
He first saves the soul, then He tends to the wound of the soul.
One time, Lord Jesus was about to heal the leper. He did not immediately heal the leper, though.
He saw one greater need: the leper had deep emotional wound. Because he was a leper, he was rejected.
None of the family members and friends was willing to accept him.
Lord Jesus touched him. Effectively He said to him: I love you and I accept you.
He then healed the leper of the physical sickness.

Ps 84:5-7
We who might have any kind of emotional wound should first accept Lord Jesus to be their Savior.
We then should acknowledge the wound; we should not run away from or deny it.
We should be committed to the journey of healing together with God.
We might go through weeping, but we should keep walking. We should not stay in it.
Once we have passed it through, we can bless others too who might go through weeping.

I went through cycle of disappointment and depression.
It was really painful: I posted many unusual status on FB and changed my profile picture.
All this was to freeze my heart and to prevent further painful feeling.
Yet, I really thank the Lord for restoring my soul.
God has set me free Smile

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