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Pray Like It All Depends on God, Then When You Are Done, Go Work Like It All Depends on You

“Pray like it all depends on God, then when you are done, go work like it all depends on you.”

I can’t determine who first stated the quote above.
Some said it was Martin Luther, some said Dave Ramsey.
Author aside, this quote is really beautiful. One should pray and work hard.
Currently, I have been reading the book of Nehemiah and I observe how this quote applies to him.

Nehemiah was a man of prayer.
He prayed for God’s mercy upon his sin and his father’s house’s sin.
He prayed for God’s wisdom before making a request to the king.
He prayed for divine protection from the adversaries.
He prayed for strength to complete his mission: restoration of the wall of Jerusalem.
He also prayed for God’s protection upon the restoration work.

At the same time, he was also a man of hard work.
He mobilized the people to the work of restoration.
He divided the work: some people did the construction while some kept watch day and night against enemy’s threat.
He was so busy in supervising everything that he hardly took off his clothes.
He did not hesitate rebuking, confronting and reforming the people whenever they did wrong.
He did not demand a special provision as the burden was heavy on the Israelites.

Hmm, he is really a role model for me to follow.
I should maintain regular quiet time.
At the same time, I should keep working hard.
Should keep trying no matter how difficult the task maybe.

Just like the wall restoration was an evidence of God’s hand,
my journey here will be an evidence of God’s miracle.
A partnership with God, just like Dr. John C. Maxwell taught:

“Without God, you cannot. Without you, God will not.”