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Witnessing for Christ in a Conversation

A coversation with friends some time back.
It was really a good opportunity to evangelize them.
Two of them are Buddhists and seldom hear about the Gospel.
They know about Christianity but they rarely hear what the Bible really says.
Let’s call them Friend 1 and Friend 2.

Friend 1:    Does God protect people from ghost?
Me:               As far as I know. God only protects Christians. For non-Christians, well, good luck to them.
Friend 1:    How come God can be so discriminative?
Me:               Imagine if this world consists of God’s territory and ghost’s territory. Well, actually God offers everyone to enter into His territory. However, some people choose to be outside His territory. Hence, they are in the ghost’s territory. God does not protect them because they reject His offer.
Me:               Think of Singapore government. The government protect Singapore citizens, but not foreigners.
Friend 2:     Because they pay tax?
Me:               The government still have to protect Singapore babies.
Friend 1:     Well, for me, my deceased grandfather protects me.

The analogy was quite fine although now I realize this is not a perfect analogy ‘-_-
Singapore government does not offer citizenship to just anyone, unlike God who offers salvation to anyone.
Another occasion to show them about Christianity.

Friend 1:    Do you welcome gays in church?
Me:               Sure, we welcome everyone. Gays, murderers, thieves, prostitutes, everyone is welcome in church.
Friend 2:    You put gays at the same level as murderers?
Me:               Yes, we welcome everyone, including gays and murderers. However, we do not approve their lifestyle.

Indeed, God loves sinners and, at the same time, He hates sin

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