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CG Sermon 7, June, 2012

Living with Kingdom mindset.

James 5
When we pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done”, we are actually reciting our role here on earth.
We are to be the agents of God’s kingdom so much so that the people around us catch the glimpse of heaven when they see us.
As His agents, we need to develop Kingdom mindset as described in the passage above.

1.) The caution of being temporal-minded (v1-6).
This person lives on earth slowly for wealth. Having riches itself is not bad.
However, when money becomes the number one priority, that’s when the problem kicks in.
Hence, that’s the function of tithe: it reminds us that God is number one, not money.

2.) The challenge to be eternity-minded (v7-9)
Lord Jesus is going to come again for the second time.
With this promise in mind, let’s stay patient and endure the hardship we may experience now.
Let’s look at the eternity spent with Him. At the same time, let’s finish the work He has assigned to us to do.

3.)The commitment to be prayer minded (v16)
Prayer, waiting on God. It is a two ways traffic: we speak to God and He speaks to us.
We should keep praying everyday even when we feel down.
For in it, God prepares us for the path ahead of us.

Hmm, very good sermon.
For me, I should work hard to finish whatever task He has assigned to me.
Since the task is a big one, I should keep praying for His wisdom and strength.

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