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Pastor Niko’s Sermon 9, June, 2012

It was the very first service in Hall 1 Expo this year.
Pastor Niko delivered a very good message for the congregation.

Acts 1:8
The disciples saw Lord Jesus being taken up to heaven.
They could no longer saw Him yet they kept gazing at the sky.
Two angels then explained to them that Lord Jesus would come back again in the same manner.
Since we are His disciples, we will be privileged to see Him coming back.

In the course time, the disciples received the Holy Spirit.
Several signs followed afterwards:
1.) They spoke in the Spirit.
2.) They shared their possession.
3.) Miracles upon miracles.
4.) Christians became united and the even the community liked them.

God has revealed to Pastor Niko that year 2012 will be the year of His favor upon His people.
Not only that, but also God has promised bountiful miracles to assist His children.
For instance, Pastor Niko received a SMS from one person who had been paralyzed for 18 years.
He received instant healing as he watched Pastor Niko’s TV program.
The entire village was in shock due to this. This man was from another religion.
Because of this miracle, he wants to accept Lord Jesus.
And of course, Pastor Niko has been receiving numerous similar SMSes.

Lord Jesus is coming back.
Our part is simply to witness for Him.
People need the Lord. That goes without question.

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