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Saturday’s Happening 16, June, 2012

A lot of things happened yesterday.
I could publish several posts about that day alone.
But at least, here is the summary of it. I will elaborate more on the happening in the next few posts.


Lunch at Changi City Point with two image + fashion consultants. Well, they are too shy so I shall not announce their names Smile with tongue out


My second makeover session. Last week was the haircut, yesterday was the attire.
Announcement: the next makeover session of Jefri shall be held in December!


A Father’s Day celebration in church. I shall be a great father in the future!


Second birthday cake from my CG people. Well, I told them my 2 birthday wishes.


Dinner after church service. A few friends and I were about to attend a funeral wake.
Stay tuned! More crunchy posts are coming!