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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, June, 2012

It was a Father’s Day sermon.
Pastor Kong started first with a few jokes regarding fatherhood.
One of it was roughly as follows:

A father brings his 5 kids to a play park (Disneyland, for instance).
He takes part in one game, namely , throwing a dart.
Lucky for him, his dart hits the jackpot when he throws it.
He receives one big teddy bear.
Now, he is confused: which one among his 5 kids will receive the prize?
He then asks them, “Kids, in the home, who always obeys Mom and never makes her angry?”
10 seconds later, all of them answer, “You, Dad”.

It is not easy to be a father. A father should always be ready to sacrifice himself for the family.
(Minato Namikaze was willing to sacrifice his life as he planned to seal Kyubi inside Naruto)
There is one father in the Bible whom is seldom mentioned: Joseph, the earthly father of Lord Jesus.
A few things we can learn from him:

1.) Joseph was a loving father.
The best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
It was not easy for Joseph to accept Mary as she was miraculously pregnant.
But in the end, he accepted her and did not divorce her.
He protected Mary and baby Jesus and even passed on his carpentry business to Lord Jesus.

2.) Joseph was a nurturing father.
He was not mentioned often in the Bible, most likely because he died young.
Nevertheless, he redeemed the time. Within his short lifespan, he raised Jesus and other children in the faith in God.

3.) Joseph was a spiritual father.
He was obedient to God when the angels told him to marry Mary.
He promptly went to Egypt even though he must have had no idea how to live in a foreign country.
It goes to show his faith, just like in faith Abraham went to a foreign land.
Joseph was also faithful in his spiritual duties.
He regularly came to the house of God to sacrifice and pray.

Hmm, I am not yet a father. But at least, I can practice out some of the criteria above.
I have to stay obedient to God and always put faith in Him.
I will also love and protect my future girlfriend.

By God’s grace, I want to be a great father in the future!!!

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