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Makeover Session June, 2012

Since a few months ago, two friends (or two image consultants, to be exact) have been encouraging me to change my appearance.
Many times they told me to grow the hair then go for haircut.
They recommended me to purchase nice jeans, clothes and shoes.
Well, initially I was a bit reluctant to that idea.
However, for the sake of impressing the girl I like (Smile with tongue out), I did not mind going for a makeover.

First it was the hair.
One of the bookstore members is a hairstylist.
So, he cut my hair then styled it.
Well, now my hair has some spikes at the back.
I can’t remember exactly how to style it exactly like how he taught me.
Nevertheless, I realize it requires plenty hair wax Smile with tongue out

The last Saturday, it was the fashion session.
The 2 image consultants brought me shopping at Changi City Point.


Smart casual style.


I still do think track shoes are the best shoes for both work and bookstore serving. Still, they told me to get one pair.


Before and after.
Well, at least now I can try to style the hair according to anime character.
Maybe in the future it can be like Cloud Strife FFVII?? Smile with tongue out