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The Ink Room Duty 23, June, 2012

Yup, a lot of happenings yesterday. We were busy but happy too.
Pastor Kevin Gerald came to preach to the church for the very first time. He brought some products with him.


There are 3 book titles: Forces That Form Your Future, Pardon Me, I’m Prospering and Mind Monsters.
He preached from his book Forces That Form Your Future. I will give a bit summary of his sermon in the next post.
It turned out that the members swept through his products.
The queue at the cashier was pretty long (Praise the Lord!) and I became one of the queue marshals.
Thank God for the breakthrough sales!
Well, some church members were not happy as they could not get hold of his book.
Hopefully the bookstore can bring in more of his products next time.


Audrey jie treated us doughnuts! Thanks a lot, jie! May God bless your sowing and may you reap abundantly!
(Just like Dr. Robb Thompson wrote in his book, “You may not reap where you sow, but you will definitely reap what you sow.”)


Taking photo with a bookstore member.. Smile


Dinner at Koufu Changi City Point. The food court closed at 10 pm so we did not have many choices.
Hmm, that means the bookstore should end the business earlier… perhaps?


Super delicious cupcakes from Mommy! Hehehe, thanks a lot, Mommy!

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